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    With the downfall of world economy, after the global recession, people are more concerned about saving money. Hence the idea of energy efficiency is getting more prominence these days. Have you ever thought about the ways to make your home more energy efficient? If not, you need to go through the energy efficiency news updates and get the latest ideas about energy efficiency housing.

    Energy efficiency housing is highly beneficial for winter and summer equally. There are various factors that help in keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. But the energy needed for the heating and cooling of your home is very high. You can make a huge difference in this if you are using energy efficiency methods for your housing.

    You can make your home energy efficient by increasing your home insulations, making properly sealed windows, doors and vents. These will help in balancing the heat. Your home should have properly sealed thermal windows too. Make sure that you don

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    Try to live on one floor, so you just have to run one A/C.

    * Turn the temperature on the hot water heater down (if electric).

    * If you have electric heat, try to live in one part of the house when the heat is on.

    * Switch your light bulbs to those nice compact fluorescent bulbs. They save a little bit of energy and make the house brighter. You can often find them on sale from many places.

    * Use blinds/curtains to help you control the temperature in the house during the day. If you let the daylight in, it will heat the house up. Dark house through the day = easier to cool.
  3. Take it one step further and purchase LED bulbs. More expensive, but far more efficient and last longer.
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    is this a shill post ?
    not that i disagree but ive seen stuff like this before, usually designed to increase adsense revenue

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