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All applications are crashing

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  1. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    I have been using the HTC Magic with the updated HTC Sense UI for about 6 months now.

    Recently, whenever I use an app after a few minutes it will just close. The behaviour is erratic and does not always happen but sometimes it will just close. It doesn't give the message that it has crashed but it just quits completely.

    This happens to built-in apps like the Market and Gmail.

    Nothing has really changed although I have installed/uninstalled a couple of apps. Nothing that should affect this though.

    Any thoughts?

  2. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    umm, something changed and is affecting it.
    Have you checked for an update to that ROM? You might do a backup, wipe it clean and apply the ROM again. I liked that ROM too but it is 1.5 based so I have since moved on the the 1.6 based cyan ROMs.
  3. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty happy with it so no reason to wipe if I don't absoloutely have to. Has this behaviour been seen before?

    Thanks for replying!
  4. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    I didn't have any trouble with it. I'd start with removing whatever you've updated/installed recently. Check space etc. You could simply be out of internal space.
  5. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Number of apps may be an issue actually! But, I think I have about 60mb of internal memory left
  6. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Ok checked my space. I am using about 50% of internal storage. And I have about 5gb free on my SD card.

    Another interesting thing I found was that every time I get a notification for an e-mail, it briefly appears in my notification shade and then it disappears. It seems as though this is "crashing" as well.

    Any thoughts? I have been using Advanced Task Manager as well to kill apps. Could this be the cause?

    Advanced task manager: Advanced Task Manager v3.9 Application for Android | Tools
  7. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    hard to say but if you can't find the offending app I'd wipe and start again. get a list of apps you wan to keep and get your contacts sync'd up (via gmail is easiest) and start over.
    The Sense UI looks really nice on the Magic but consider moving up to the Cyan ROM which gives you 1.6 and speed improvements. I've settled on a clean no nonsense setup that just works and goes fast. But Sense did look nice....
  8. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Seems like such a strange problem :p...

    How does Cyan ROM, etc. work? I tried "rooting" my phone once (with what seemed like a pretty comprehensive guide) but I was tripped up along the way with something that wouldn't work.

    I use linux on my computer so I'm not scared of playing around with it, but, I am a little scared of voiding my warranty.

  9. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Seems like such a strange problem :p...

    How does Cyan ROM, etc. work? I tried "rooting" my phone once (with what seemed like a pretty comprehensive guide) but I was tripped up along the way with something that wouldn't work.

    I use linux on my computer so I'm not scared of playing around with it, but, I am a little scared of voiding my warranty.

  10. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Didn't you root the phone to put the Sense UI on it? I was thinking that you used the modified ROM that is essentially a Hero ROM but made to work on the Magic. Cyan is just another ROM but doesn't use the Sense UI. Built for speed and stability.

    I was suggesting that you do a factory wipe and then whatever you did to get Sense UI on it. I did that after I got used to what the phone could do and what I then wanted from it. That was easier than trying to clean up my mess. Now it is better than new as shipped by the provider.

    As for warranty, that's for you to decide, there is a risk of failure. However in my case the provider will never update the phone anyway so the risk was worth it. glad I did.
  11. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

  12. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Oh. Well over here in Canada we're not allowed to look at our phones with anything other than blurry eyed wonder. :) No update for us.
    But I did a similar Sense UI update to mine. It was very nice but didn't get me the 1.6 apps that I wanted.

    Anyway, it is a minefield trying to decypher what to do exactly so study and be careful. Your hardware is likely a little different than mine. In particular you have to determine if you have a 32A or 32B, or something else.

    You can start here: CyanogenMod Wiki
    and here: Full Update Guide - MT3G/Magic Firmware to CyanogenMod - CyanogenMod Wiki

    You'll need to root the phone: How To: Root the HTC Magic in One Click! | The Unlockr
    The latest versions of Cyan: Latest version - CyanogenMod Wiki
    You'll want both CyanogenMod and the appropriate kernel, mine is the EB1/32A kernel. I do the CyanogenMod and then the kernel but not boot in between which is important. However it is easy to get back to recovery mode and fix your mistakes. After you get used to it it becomes easy.

    Note that for a different ROM such as this you'll have to wipe it back to factory. Afterward you don't have to wipe, just update as desired.
  13. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Oh man :p...That's a lot of reading.

    Thanks a lot for laying it out clearly, but, I'm having second thoughts already...haha.

    I can see why some people are less amenable to installing linux on their computers, this is how daunting it must feel to them!

    Thanks again, will try it out and let you know how it goes!
  14. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    I decided to do all this this weekend. The crashing of the apps is a headache and I would like to eventually upgrade to 2.1. So, a few questions:

    1. Is it possible to upgrade to 2.1 with all of this?

    2. What are the benefits? You mentioned speed and stability, do, I get the features/functions of 1.6? E.g. google goggles? What about turn by turn gps? And other cool stuff that has been released.

    3. As I'm using the Sense UI (on top of my 1.6) it's slightly modified. As in I'm not on a vanilla 1.5. How should I restore it?

    4. I actually vaguely remember trying the one-click rooting and it didn't work. I used the one click process (which is a bit mis-named as it is quite a few clicks!) and I remember I got stuck somewhere. I think I made a comment on that post or perhaps an older post. I'll try and again but I may need some help if you're around (as I never got an answer on my comment).

    So, the procedure (as I see it) for me is this:

    1. Factory wipe
    2. Root the HTC with that one-click guide
    3. Load custom ROM.

    Have I got that right?

    Thanks again!
  15. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Root first, then wipe, then update....

    I don't know about putting Sense back on a new 1.6, the one I had was purely 1.5.

    I'll guess that simply wiping clean and starting over will cure the crashing. After playing with various ROMs including having Sense I settled on a plainer cyan 1.6. Faster and gives access to all the 1.6 goodies, yes goggles, and the cool stuff. The nifty GPS will work however it might not be a normal Market install if it is technically only for the U.S. They consider Canada to be off limits too so I had to grab an off market .apk which is a slightly more tricky venture but not a big deal. And yes it works.

    If you prefer the slick Sense then go with that again but for the new stuff and speed go with 1.6. You can't install a stable 2.0/1 yet but that is coming soon enough. Might be there but I feel it isn't prime time yet. Add something like Home++ and you've got way better than the original 1.5.
  16. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

    Ah this is driving me crazy.

    Ok so I followed the one click rooting guide from the link and I couldn't do the "Backup recovery image" as it kepts saying "backup failed".

    According to the guide said this means I have already rooted and I can just type in the command into the "Terminal" app.

    Firstly, I don't think I've rooted.
    Secondly, I couldn't find the terminal app so I tried with a different app (command executor) and it just got stuck on executing command.

  17. abhiroopb

    abhiroopb Well-Known Member

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