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  1. urimland

    urimland New Member

    Hi all,

    Just got my new i7500 yesterday, installed a bunch of apps, and went to bed a happy man.
    This morning, however, things are not good. Virtually every application I installed crashes, either immediately, or shortly after launch. The applications this happens with: Phonebook, Waze, Useful switchers, Shazam, and more.

    1.) Model Number ? Galaxy
    2.) Firmware Version ? 1.5
    3.) Baseband Version ? I7500IIGC
    4.) Kernel Version ? 2.6.27 smpark@SE-S409 #1
    5.) Build Number ? 76XXCSDBAULM6375

    Did I do something wrong? Please advise!!!

  2. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Its probably caused by some app you installed. You should uninstall them one by one to identify it. Then do a factory reset and re-install everything.

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