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  1. jglazer63

    jglazer63 New Member

    How do I tell my droid X to port all audio to my headset? I used to do this with my windows moble phone and I cannot seem to find the correct setting.

  2. JKib

    JKib Well-Known Member

    What headset are you currently using?

    Does it have A2Dp?

    If it does:

    1.Click Menu, Settings, Wireless
    2. Make sure Bluetooth box is checked
    3. Click Bluetooth Settings
    4. Make sure device is paired and connected.
    5. Click and hold device name.
    6. Click options from popup
    7. Make sure Phone Audio and Media are both checked.

    (these instructions are based on my Eris with're Menus may be different, but ultimately you'll want to be sure the headset you're using has A2DP and that both Phone and Media are checked under its options).
  3. jglazer63

    jglazer63 New Member

    No it is not A2DP but that should not stop it from working. I've been doing this forever on a windows mobile phone with the same headset. I am familiar with A2DP but I don't care much about quality. I am just listening to audio books.
  4. JKib

    JKib Well-Known Member

    I don't think Android can do it without A2DP. I also don't care much about sound quality. I ended up getting a Jabra Stone (not the greatest), & I read good things about BlueAnt headsets.
  5. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    On my droid 2 I have the settings you listed all checked, however notifications (like when I get a text message or email) won't play the audio through the bluetooth headset. Droid 2, plantronics backbeat 903 and/or Jabra BT620s - any ideas how to get those sounds playing through the headset?
  6. jstemper

    jstemper New Member

    Did you ever get this resolved?

  7. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    I did not. The only problem I was having was with one app. And only a specific purpose with that app. I just found a different app for that specific purpose (A Tabata Timer), and it sends the sounds via bluetooth for me.

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