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All Calls Go Straight to VoicemailGeneral

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  1. nthe10ring

    nthe10ring Member

    Had the phone for about a week and now all my calls have started going direct to voicemail. If I turn the phone off and turn on after a bit all my calls will start going to voicemail. If I place a call then I can receive calls for a while then it will start the voicemail thing all over again. I stopped by Verizon today and they have never heard of the problem but did replace my sim card, worked for a while and now back to the same old thing. I have checked all settings and they are correct. Not on airplane mode, no persons in the refuse call list. Anyone have this problem and if so do you have a fix.


  2. nthe10ring

    nthe10ring Member

    Any one else having this problem?

  3. Max_Headroom

    Max_Headroom Well-Known Member

    I am with vodafone and could not turn voicemaiI off in settings, i found out i could call 1210 to turn it off, and 1211 to turn it on.
    There might be a number to turn yours off permanently.
  4. ParagP

    ParagP Well-Known Member

    yes, happens to my GS3.
    The sad part is I got a replacement phone (new) & that too is having the same problem ! :(
  5. Charlie Hustle

    Charlie Hustle Well-Known Member

    Did you check to see if block mode is active?
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It happens on many phones including dumb Nokia. Put your sim in another phone. If it continues its a problem with your voicemail service not phone.

    Like max said, turning voicemail off and on via your carriers short dial numbers should fix it
  7. slurp812

    slurp812 Active Member

    Maybe a service issue? I would call the service provider...

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