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  1. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    Anyone heard anything about when this issue with Android and the calendar will be fixed?

    I did some searches and this issue has been brought up as long ago as Feb 2009 on google's help page with a response from a google employee that the issue is known and being looked into.

    Here's the issue:
    Whether you key an all day event into your google calendar via the web or onto your phone, the issue is the same. When you pull up the calendar via the monthly grid, you'll see the triangles on the days with events. If you click on a day that has an all day event (I'm not sure if this only affects 1 day events or multiple days) you'll drill down into the daily view and see the event at the top of the screen. So far, so good. The problem arises when you select the event. Under event details, the date of the event will be the day before it's actually entered into your calendar (i.e. a event for Fri 10/23 will show as Thu 10/22). If you hit menu and edit, the event edit screen now shows the correct date! The calendar widget will also show the event a day early.

    For me, it doesn't matter if it's my calendar, my wife's shared calendar, google's pre-made calendars like moon phases or holidays, or whether the event was keyed into the phone or via the web interface.

    This is really annoying considering how many all day events I and my wife have keyed on our separate google calendars and while I want to see my current and upcoming events on my home screen with the calendar widget, this is just really irritating.

    Sorry for the vent.

  2. hunt577

    hunt577 Well-Known Member

    Yep I have the same issue. However, I'm not sure if this is intentional or unintentional. I would assume it may be intentional so it will remind you a day early about the event. I still don't like it being set up that way. I like the reminders being a day early but I don't like the fact that it shows the event is a day before it actually is.
  3. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's intentional. Even all day events without a reminder come up the same way. And since a supposed Google employee said they knew about it and were looking into it months ago, it has to be a legitimate issue.
  4. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    I guess not too many people on this forum use the calendar and/or widget with all day events?

    Either that or it doesn't really bother too many people when their all day event for Saturday shows up on their home screen widget on Friday saying the event is "today", then on the actual day of the event, the widget says "no events"?
  5. semperofp

    semperofp Member

    I have also had this happen to me, unfortunately I like most probably don't have a good answer for a fix. But I do agree that this should be fixed and if it is intentional then it should have been explained in the user guide or something.
  6. kamikaze02

    kamikaze02 New Member

    I have the same problem with the htc calendar widget, and i don't really have an idea what the fix is. but if you use the android calendar widget, it will show your agenda correctly. I know it's a different style and i prefer the htc widget more, but until i find a fix for that, i'll just use the android widget. hope this helps.
  7. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    I just experienced the same issue today for an all-day birthday event. I can tell you exactly what the bug is: the reminder and the widget don't adjust for the timezone. I.e. I am in -7 GMT (PDT) and the event reminder went off at exactly 5pm today. 5pm is 7 hours before it was supposed to go off. I can't believe such a trivial bug went past the developers.

    Only the widget and the reminders are affected - not the full calendar view itself.

  8. doojer

    doojer Member

    I posted a similar issue here. Only, my issue seems to exist with times specific events, as well as all day ones. The issue only seems to occur with the HTC widget (all other widgets and desktop notifiers display the proper dates and events).
  9. rangers28

    rangers28 Active Member

    I have the same problem! Thanks God I found this forum, because I've posted this several times in another forum, but no one ever answered to the post. I thought I was alone on this one. This problem drives me NUTS!! :mad:

    The only fix I found is to uncheck the all day option, and the time for the event defaults to 12am to 12am the next day. Then it appears correctly on the HTC widget on my home screen. The only problem with that is that you can't edit holidays or all day events that come in through the sync with Google Calendar.
  10. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    I just posted this test in the other thread. It's an eye opener.

    "Open up your calendar and find an all day event. I just used thanksgiving from googles holiday calendar. The month grid view shows it correctly on 11/26. Select 11/26 and it'll show thanksgiving(or your all day event at the top). Here's the part with the problem that throws the widget off.... click/select/press thanksgiving at the top, and now the event view lists it as one day early on Wed 11/25! I've found complaints dating as early as Feb of this year and on non-Android handsets also."
  11. Vampyre

    Vampyre Member

    Same issue here as the original poster.

    widget showing turkey day for the 25th

    month view shows it on the 26th

    day view shows it all day on the 26th

    event view shows its for the 25th
  12. pupster

    pupster New Member

    Yeah....similar issue.

    I'm using the Calendar feature that comes w/ Droid and when I punch in a reminder for the day as in a Loan Payment that recurs on the 3rd of the month every month, it shows up everyday from that point on.

    What gives.
  13. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    I've tried emailing Google and posting the issue on Google Help. No response. I basically why this problem has been around for so long with no solution in sight. I've seen Google employees say they were aware of the problem and were working on the issue. But that was over 6 months ago.

    I think an issue like this on a "smart" phone where the calendar info conflicts with itself depending on what view you look at it (month, day, widget, event) is absolutely unacceptable.
  14. ElAguila

    ElAguila Well-Known Member

    I have had this issue since day one. I was under the misunderstanding that it was going to be fixed with the MR from Sprint but I was wrong there.
  15. Vampyre

    Vampyre Member

    Last night I searched the market for a calander app. I tried out about 6-8 of them and all of them seemed to work but non really worked/function the way i wanted them to. Like being able to open the month view or agenda view or fitting into the 4x1 area the htc widget fit into.

    So I hit google up and someone somewhere suggested CalWidget. BAM!!! Perfect app. Turkey day is showing up under Thursday appts now and not wed like the htc one. One of the 10+ configs is a 4x1 like the HTC widget. When you click the widget it has options for calendar refresh and config. Calendar opens up the the month view just like I wanted. The widget it self shows WAY more info then the htc one does. It shows about 5 lines of info and is very well laid out. It grabs the calendar settings from the calendar program. So w/e you have checked to view in there it will display on the calwidget, it even brings over the different calendar colors. Its not the prettiest looking widget but the dev says colors are coming. But for now function over form.

    2nd place for the job IMPO is quick calendar. But ATM the widget does not update it self which is pointless for a widget that shows appt's

    Both apps are currently free
  16. DaWeav

    DaWeav Well-Known Member

    I have the U.S. Holiday Calendar on Google selected like others here.

    On the Hero: The calendar shows Thanksgiving appears correctly in the agenda view, but once selected it shows Wednesday 25 Nov.

    On the Android Emulator running CyanogenMod-3.9.1: The calendar shows Thanksgiving appears correctly in the agenda view, and when selected it shows Thursday 26 Nov.

    So, I know it can be shown correctly, but is it HTC or Google? I contacted HTC, and they responded with something that didn't make 'sense'. I haven't received anything else after I responded inquiring about which 'two' clocks??? Anyone else want to help decipher this response??? The Hero is set to PST, and my Google Calendar is set to PST as well. HUH???

  17. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    It's BS. Many people are having this problem and HTC needs to fix it. It's that simple. Whoever replied to you doesn't have a clue.
  18. pclive

    pclive Member

    Problem is still here. My HTC Hero is displaying the same as others here. I have not seen any way to correct it in all my google searches. But it is obviously an issue. Has anyone found the answer yet for the calendar widget showing all day events one day early?

  19. vwvapor

    vwvapor Well-Known Member

    The only workaround is to use a different widget that reads the calendar differently. I use CalWidget. Other than that, we're still out of luck. Here's some links to examples of the cross platform issue this is and how far back it dates that I posted in a different thread.
  20. FuzzySlippers

    FuzzySlippers New Member

    This is NOT the issue. The calendar widget is showing all-day events one day off because it reads from the calendar entry's 'Event Details'. If you open the calendar and tap an all-day event, you will see that the Event Details displays one day off as well. Why? Who knows, but it has nothing to do with timezone or DST, although that's caused other issues (relating to Outlook sync, if I remember correctly?).
    I'm not just saying this to step on your foot, but if people don't understand the problem, there will never be a solution.
  21. FuzzySlippers

    FuzzySlippers New Member

    I just sent the following email to HTC:

    I'm having trouble with the calendar on my Hero (Sprint). The 'event details' for all-day calendar entries shows a date one day earlier than the actual date of the event. All other views, including Day and Agenda show the date correctly. This problem is causing the Calendar Widget to have the same issue. Is there any way to correct this issue?
  22. stinky

    stinky Well-Known Member

    Just think how many guys are going to be saved for Valentines day, when the calendar has it appear a day early.

    If you still forget, you deserve the divorce.
  23. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    This is an already acknowledged issue by HTC and Sprint. It's in the Known Issues sticky. It was acknowledged way back in November I believe, so hopefully it's been resolved and we'll see the fix in the 2.1 update.
  24. pclive

    pclive Member

    What's Valentines Day? ;)
  25. Frank in WI

    Frank in WI New Member

    This may be an issue with Google Calendar. I was using a BB 8130 Pearl with Google Sync and had the same issue. some all day events would show up a day earlier and run for 2 days.


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