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  1. hackaholic

    hackaholic Member

    Very odd thing started happening yesterday.

    I forget exactly how it started, I think I was in settings setting the sync options, when it started erroring when trying to sync, I thought "I guess gmail must be down for a bit" so I turned sync off and forgot about it. Came back an hour or so later to turn the setting back on and it pops up

    Code (Text):
    2. /!\  Sorry!
    3. -----------------------
    4. The process
    5. has
    6. stopped unexpectedly.  Please
    7. try again.
    So I do and it pops up again. When ever I try to turn on auto-sync that error pops up.

    Also when ever I try to open gmail I get
    Code (Text):
    2. /!\  Sorry!
    3. -----------------------
    4. The application Gmail (process
    5. has
    6. stopped unexpectedly.  Please
    7. try again.
    Plastered ontop of the first one. So I force close them both and it boots me from gmail. This sometimes happens randomly with other apps too.

    I have no clue what to do here, will I have to restore?

    (also if you don't mind looking at my other problem too I'd be really grateful :)


  2. hackaholic

    hackaholic Member

    I've waited 4 days for a response and I'm a bit irritated that no one responded. I can't do much on the phone anymore(gmail,market,syncing to google account) and really need this fixed. Is there any way to back up all my contacts, apps, and do a restore, or is there another way to fix this.
  3. tekdroid

    tekdroid New Member

    Not sure about the other services other than GMail.... What I did was to go into the phone settings, manage applications, Choose GMail, clear the data. Go back and choose GMail Storage and choose to clear that data. Try to force a sync. Mine took a really long time, so I went into gmail, and it said email should appear shortly.... that also took forever. So I rebooted the phone and upon reboot it worked.

    I think there are lock files at play, I just didn't feel like wasting the time to find it.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Mouse

    Mouse Member

    I'm a bit irritated hackaholic never came back to thank you, I had this problem and your solution sorted it out. So I'll say thank you.

    Thank you!
  5. y2k2

    y2k2 Member

    Any solution for this problem yet?
    Things I've tried:
    reset -shut off and pull battery
    Restart in safe mode
    remove acct-can't this will reset phone (don't wanna do this yet)

    And there is no Clear Cache for this google app any where in the 2.0 OS

    PS Hmmm maybe i'm in the wrong forum...
  6. y2k2

    y2k2 Member

    never mind I did find the clear cache option for google mail. For those noobs like me w/ the droid , when you bring up applications, you have to hit menu and then select filter, to select AAAAALLL apps, and just like magic it shows up. I hit clear cache, didn't fix it, but then I hit Clear data and that did the trick...
  7. kamris

    kamris New Member

    Thank you! The above posted clear cache worked perfectly on my MOTO Droid. I was so scared I was going to have to do a factory reset! Thank you for posting the solution! Very helpful:rolleyes:
  8. SnoopyWG

    SnoopyWG Member

    I have a weird problem in that I can get the GMail app on my HTC Hero to sync properly, but the same gmail account set up in the HTC mail app stopped syncing about a day ago and I can't get it to update itself. Sending works fine... I just can receive any more...

    Any ideas?

  9. archbunk

    archbunk New Member

    Tekdroid, excellent information! Thanks.
  10. johnsb

    johnsb New Member

    If you delete facebook from "Accounts & Sync" and clear the caches; Gmail, Contacts, & Calendar will start syncing again!

    I tried it about 4 days ago and it's worked flawlessly for me since then.
  11. fotobear

    fotobear New Member

    I'm also using a Droid Eris, and I have no idea how to clear the cache. I spent some time on the phone with Verizon Wireless' customer service but they recommended I ask Google. Yeah. Right.

    I get the same error message as described above. Restarting the phone does nothing. I have no other issues with connectivity.
  12. fotobear

    fotobear New Member

    I figured out how to clear the cache, but I'm still getting the same error!
  13. Stolz25

    Stolz25 Well-Known Member

    Open the browser, settings (the 4 line button on the droid, not sure if it's the same on the eris), more, settings. Scroll all the way down and the option to clear history, cache etc. is down there.
  14. fotobear

    fotobear New Member

    There is an additional app, called gmail storage, under manage applications.

    When I went into that, there was an option, clear data. Selecting that erased all the gmail email information on my phone, but, when I ran the gmail app, I basically was able to just start over again.

    And I stopped seeing the error!
  15. hollyt

    hollyt New Member

    Thanks for the information. I did as directed and it cleared up all of my problems. :):):)
  16. mrcityrunner

    mrcityrunner New Member


    I had this problem on my Galaxy S phone and solved it.

    Basically i did a factory reset. The problem came back straight away.

    I used to have MSN Talk installed, and noticed the folder for it was still there when going into file manager... so I deleted that and now the problem has gone away.

    As far as Im concerned, it was MSN Talk that was the culprit and deleting it from the phone has solved everything.

    Hope this post helps someone out there ;)


    Rax :)
  17. ian_mac123

    ian_mac123 New Member

    Hi all,

    I realise this is an old thread but thought I would add my bit to it, since I ran into the same problem today.

    I noticed that my android was not syncing any of my applications, so I did a bit of Googling and came across this thread. I tried all the things mentioned and none of them worked. I then noticed that I had a notification saying that I was running low on space. So I deleted a few things to free up memory, reset my phone and everything was back up and running again.

    Think there must be a fail safe in the program which automatically stops any syncing if there is low space left.

    Hope this helps someone else.

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  18. jimmyj

    jimmyj New Member

    Confirmed, gmail would not sync for several days despite having its cache cleared and me having 13mb free (9%), I cleared enough space to remove the low space warning and it instantly sync'd.

    Seems crazy to me but I guess google have a good reason for it.
  19. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    I cleared data under google contacs and gmail I didn't have a gmail storage and I've deleted and readded FB and twitter. I click sync now and none of google has synced since Mon but I got FB and twitter to sync once on Wed. Now nothing syncs and they want me to take the phone into a Sprint store and HTC and Sprint said I'll probably have to do a hard reset. I have an HTC EVO and was googleling EVO not syncing then I went to searching for Android phone not syncing and came across this thread. I'll try deleting an app or two and see if that works. But now my gmail when I went to compose says waiting for sync your email will appear shortly. But nothing is syncing so I doubt it will worl. But if getting rid of the low disk space will make me sync I got a thing or two to tell HTC and Sprint cause they don't know this. HTC said I must reset my phone. I hope this works I am gonna delete apps now. I wish more apps would go to sd card like the FB one for instance it's my biggest one. I have apps to sd and it shows on phone FB and Fring and maps being the 3 highest so I deleted Fring and am rebooting and if low storage goes away I pray I start syncing again.

  20. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    OMG it worked! I am so glad I found this thread. I deleted Fring and rebooted and now everything synced and I got tweets and my google contacts came back. Two weeks ago nothing would sync but my contacts hadn't syncedi n a few months and I gooogled and was told to go under contact storage and cleared data. I did that and stuff started syncing again so I thought that fixed it. So I did that again yesterday and it didn't work and then I tried to import my google contacts from sd card and they wouldn't come back. I had no contacts but then when I clicked on phone I saw all my conatcts. Turns out I have mine linked as google and phone so when I imported from sd card as phone and not Google I got al my contactgs back as phone just not google. So now under my people I can view 95 google contacts and it says 0 under phone. I wanted to import the phone ones back to so I have phone and google like before but I keep getting a force close when I try but I don't care for now I am just so excited I don't have to hard reset and the low disk space was the problem. So even when I have updates I am not updating anymore and leaving my phone as is and not adding anything else. I so want the EVO 2 to come out with a ton of internal space. I wonder why this big FB app doesn't have the move to sd card option. But oh well I am happy cmaper now. Thanks!
  21. distantsun

    distantsun New Member

    My synching problem isn't addressed here... I tried the "clear data" ideas noted above, it didn't help. I don't have a low memory issue. My problem is that when I have my phone set to autosync Gmail, once it starts synching IT NEVER STOPS. It just syncs and syncs and syncs its little brains out, the phone gets hot and the battery runs down. So I've switched off autosync (that is, I deselected Gmail, but left my calendar set to autosync because calendar is not having a sync problem). Of course, unsetting the autosync means I don't see when I get a new email in that Gmail account, unless I manually sync it. When I manually sync it, I also need to manually stop it or else it will run the sync forever and kill the battery.

    Any ideas?
  22. zoltanb

    zoltanb New Member

    My gmail emails stopped syncing on HTC Desire HD. One thing I noticed under Settings / Appplications / Running Services I do not have the Gmail app as a running service. Can this be the problem?
  23. sc3

    sc3 New Member

    i was getting like 10 popup errors whenever i turned the phone on--this just started happening after my phone ran out of battery power, and when i tried to charge/turn it on, everything from the gapps,, sprint tv, sprint nfl, googlemaps etc all telling me to force close. my last resort to factory reset worked perfectly

    but i'd advise to call your provider if you're going to factory reset b/c they may need to give you a new password/login to access their server/network
  24. coop5885

    coop5885 New Member

    Im bumping an old thread, but this worked perfectly for me....thank you!
  25. Markus729

    Markus729 Well-Known Member

    THIS DID IT. THANKS. Would like to know if it is a phone thing, or a Google issue...

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