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All i know is i hate verizon now

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  1. burton8012

    burton8012 Member

    I had my droid incredible for 2 years and i had the unlimited data plan but i nver really used a gig a month mainly cause it was a 3g phone and watching videos were choppy and basicly only used my data to surf the web hear and there....but when i got my new galaxy s3 i didn't think much about data..but now that i got a 4g lte galaxy s3 phone i find myself watching how much data i use now..cause now with 4g lte speed there so many cool APP now that i would love to u but can't all the time now like the movie downloading.....if i wouldof just paid the 600 bucks for a full price galaxy to just to be able to keep my unlimited data plan..cause with these new 4g lte phones 2gigs a month is a joke u need at least 5-8 give for the dam price they charging for 2 gigs...so if your a verizon user who has unlimited data and has a 3g phone now and don't use alot a data u will most likey find your self using alot of data cause now u have the speed of 4g.....

    basically Verizon is black mailing u to either switch to there share everything plane with withe crappy 2 gigs or forced to pay full retail for a phone for the rest of your life if u want to keep your unlimited data plan.....i think verizon just finally realized that now a days people mainly TEXT and don't make money on going over on there minutes any more and the new big thing now is alot of data use cause of the speeds these new cells can do now so they gunna rape us now on data use as before they didn't care and everyone had unlimted....

  2. MX Tuner

    MX Tuner New Member

    I don't see it that way. I just bought my daughter a Verizon Samsung S3 and it works flawlessly. We have her wireless router in her dorm room and it automatically connects and disconnects to the wireless network to save bandwidth if possible. Besides, if she *needs* to watch a video, that's what she has her laptop for.
  3. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I still have my unlimited data and I upgraded just in time to keep it. I was looking to see if I could make any changes to my plan to make it less expensive yesterday and I was very careful clicking around on the website to make sure I didn't change my data even for a second. Looked to me like unlimited is the same as what the new 2gb tier costs. Ridiculous. Yes you can work around it by using WiFi as much as possible, but still.

    I also think it's robbery that the cheapest voice plan option is $40+. They know how many of us hardly use our phones as phones anymore. I could cut my bill by two thirds if I could just have $15 worth of minutes or something for emergencies.
  4. burton8012

    burton8012 Member

    Sh! T u dont even need a phone plan or texting pla ..all u need now a days is data plan cause u can get a app that gives u a phone # for calls and texting for free

    I use the app calledb. Text + basically gives my cell two working phone numbers

    I just wish i still had unlimited data mainly so i can dl movies on my phone like i do on my LT each movie about a gig
  5. HF78

    HF78 Member

    It is ridicules! Here they have these phones with high performance, but you can't use them to their full potential.

    I plan on paying full price for my next phone although I'll keep my RAZR maxx as long as it works. I use over 1 gig every two days.
  6. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Search some android and tech forums. There are ways to keep your unlimited data without paying full retail for a phone. ;)
    With the amount of data I go through, I am pretty happy about that.

    Keep in mind these "other ways" are not exactly "company policy" but they exist.
    Almost 17gigs so far this month. :D

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