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All in All is the DEFY a good phone?General

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  1. liserdl

    liserdl Member

    Sorry if this has been asked a gazillion times but please reply with any thoughts...good or not good?


  2. bigcol

    bigcol Active Member

    Ive got one and as androids go, its not too bad. Im having trouble setting up Ringtone and Notifications on my sd card though. I have added the folders and have filled each one with my own mp3 but when I want to add new ones, they do not appear on my phone, even though they are on my sd card. I might just have a bad one. Other than that, I like it.
  3. arul2k1

    arul2k1 New Member

    Help?confused with motorola defy,galaxy ace,and htc wildfire!!!!which one is the best!!!

    my requirements
    high speed processor to access pdf and chm textbook files!!!
    13 to 16 k.....
    good os atleast 2.2 froyo
    flash player with browsing!!!
    relatively good battery!!!
    comment ur opinion!!!thanx in advance!!!
  4. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    just to clarify, when you say you made folders, you have "ringtones" "notifications" & "alarms" folders for your tones?
  5. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    sorry, back on topic. yes, is good phone, some people may have earpiece failure (myself included), but is such a good phone I just get it fixed, I have it rooted, overclocked etc... it's waterproof!

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