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  1. ohnono

    ohnono Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 27, 2010
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    Was finally able to get corp. email up and running today. Thought this was going to be the deal breaker for me. The reps. at the corp. store couldn't get it to work. So between calling the 800 verizon number and having them do as much as they could. They transferred my call to Motorola and now it's up and running.

    My yahoo emails stopped coming to my phone after the updated installed and it took some time but now I've got that back working.

    Battery life is now unreal nothing like the short battery life I had before.
    Charged up Sunday night didn't need to recharge again until 7:00 tonight.

    Moderate use but will be back to music most of the day tomorrow and will see.

    Ahhh life is good and I luv my Droid X :D:):D


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