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  1. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Gem, as packaged by Verizon, is a nice little entry-level smartphone, but it is extremely limited in terms of internal storage space. It is further crippled by the fact that it is running Android 2.1 (also known as Eclair). Native support for installing apps to the external sdcard did not appear until Android 2.2 (also known as Froyo or Frozen Yogurt). Thus, you will be limited to the internal memory to install apps in. You never want to let this memory drop below 20 MB or the phone will become unstable and behave erratically.

    One way to overcome such limitations is to root the phone, install a custom recovery and a custom ROM. To date, although there have been a few reported successes, there is no easy way to root the Gem. There doesn't seem to be even a hard way to root it either! (I've been trying the various ways without success for 2 weeks now.) Nor are there any custom recovery or custom ROMs available at this time.

    Please note that if there ever is a way to root the Gem, this will void your warranty and also break your ability to get future updates from Verizon.

    A second way to overcome the limitations of the Samsung Gem would be for Android 2.2 to be released for it. If you go to the Samsung website and do some digging, you will see that Samsung does indeed have a 2.2 update available. DO NOT USE THIS TO UPDATE YOUR GEM OR IT WILL BE RENDERED USELESS !!!

    That update is apparently for another vendor. If you install it on your Verizon Gem, your phone will only be able to make and receive calls, your 3G will become weak, and you will not be able to use the Android Market. You may or may not be able to use any internet access, depending on whether you can connect to wifi or not. And neither Verizon's nor Samsung's Technical Support will be able to help you get it working again. After 3 hours on the phone with each, I can personally attest to that.

    What do you do if you've already found that out the hard way? Well, if you get lucky like I did, your local Verizon vendor may be willing to swap your phone out since this was caused by a vendor update and not as a result of illegal hacking or tampering with the phone. My salesrep was so convinced it was just a bad update download, he tried it on another Gem, which also died in the same way. I was then able to get a different phone. (I got a fantastic deal on an LG Vortex, which I am quite satisfied with.)

    What else can a Samsung Gem user from Verizon do? Well, maybe if enough of you contact Verizon and make a lot of noise about it, they will eventually release 2.2 for the Gem. It took about a year for that to happen for the LG Ally, but it did eventually happen.

    In the meantime, you'll have to be resigned to the fact that you have a great little ENTRY-LEVEL phone, not a Droid Incredible, and live accordingly. Use it mostly for music, taking some quick pics, messaging, browsing the net, and maybe playing 1 or 2 games.

    And keep an eye out for advances in rooting and romming. I haven't given up... yet.

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  2. InsipidMess

    InsipidMess Member

    Well, I have the Gem, but Verizon is not the carrier, Alltel is.

    Is the vendor Alltel?
  3. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    No, I believe it is CellularOne.
  4. I sucessfully rooted my sch-i100, granting me superuser access- now I am setting up to flash for straight talk...
  5. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your success. It would be amazingly gracious of you to post step by step details of how you accomplished this feat. I haven't found a solution anywhere on the 'net and I've been researching this for MONTHS.

    Also - this thread was not about rooting, but about warning people about the dangers of upgrading their Gem from the Samsung website. It would be best to post your solution in the Samsung Gem All Things Root section.

    And thanks in advance! :)
  6. KarateExplosion6

    KarateExplosion6 Well-Known Member

    Nice! Please post instructions!
  7. okay Im gonna head over to ATR and will post the process there~
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  8. mike0921

    mike0921 VIP Member VIP Member

    Hey Guys,

    I was given a Samsung Gem with 2.2.2 installed on it. It is an nTelos phone, here in West Virginia. I am trying to root it ( I am a noob, I've never done any tinkering with any of my phones since I went Mobile in 2002. I have owned an HTC Touch (not to me confused with the T-Mobile or whatever it is that uses the Touch name. This was not a smartphone, used a stylus for a lot of apps, but more like a PDA than phone), a Motorola X, which I loved, but took back twice for defective items so I just went back to my HTC until a friend gave me the Gem.

    Now, I want to clear *** off the Gem to put some of my favs from HTC on it and find out it is not easy! I hope from reading all the info here that with 2.2.2 I will be able to.

    Thanks, you guys are great, friendly and know what you are talking about... at least as far as I know!!! :D

    Mike :)

    Edit: Anyone think I should just go back to my HTC Hero??? Would love to hear some feedback on that!
  9. mike0921

    mike0921 VIP Member VIP Member

    On the above post... I just read an older post about the EH17 upgrade and after reading this thread I am thoroughly confused. Does the EH17 just give you Google Books, fix the Video capture and the other 2 things it mentions or does it upgrade the OS to 2.2 or what? I would really like to know what you are talking about and get a better understanding of my phone... Should I really just go back to my HTC for know? Or just use the Gem until this summer when I can get a newer phone with all the magic stuff of the new Android system?

    I will really appreciate the time someone takes to educate me so I can decide to root the Gem, root the HTC or just wait until this summer???

    Thanks, sorry for being such a noob on all this... but I learn quick, remember stuff, and will pass it on to others looking for answers too,

  10. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    The EH17 is an upgrade to Android 2.2. However, it works on "generic" Gems. If you have a branded Gem, like mine was on Verizon, chances are you will render the phone pretty much useless.
  11. dustin69

    dustin69 Active Member

    Has anyone found a method for flashing the Verizon edition of the Gem to the MetroPCS network? What limitations will this place on the phone?

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