All The Bloatware Safe To Remove, 72 Elements, Clean Up Your Phone, Save Battery

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  1. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    This is absolutely all the Bloatware that you can remove from the ROM.

    Manifactures integrate a lot of junk in the OS that is not needed, runs all the time automaticly in the backgrownd, tracks you, and uses battery.

    Those elements ive frozen/deleted are safe to remove IF you arent planning to use that features of the OS, for example, DO NOT delete "voice recorder" element if you are planning to make voice notes, if you using "Quick Memo" do not freeze/delete the APK, if you are using a diferend email than google, do not delete the "email" APK element, if you like having a weather widget, do not freeze/delete it etc...

    Make sure you run your ROM on "freeze" for a week or more just to make sure everything you use is functioning properly.

    Dont worry about the Google Books, Music, Plus, etc applications, they can be redownloaded from the Play Store.

    72 elements is more half the phone ROM ships with... removing all this makes it small, frees RAM, and stops a lot of the Bloatware elements running in the backgrownd of your phone using your battery.

    Here is a link to a list of all elements in ICS 4.0.4 and what each and every one do, and if its safe to remove (list is from Samsung Galaxy S 2/3 phones, but the core Android elements are the same.

    Android ICS 4.0.4 detailed list of all APK files and elements

    Here is the full screenshot list of the apps you can freeze/delete from the LG Motion without having any problems or force closes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

  3. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

  4. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

  5. malkimeansking

    malkimeansking Well-Known Member

    i bricked using this guide... not all those apps are removable
  6. benalmighty

    benalmighty Well-Known Member

    Yeah... I wouldn't freeze any of the system apps. Mostly those with the Android logo.
  7. Xieon

    Xieon Well-Known Member

    I used Rom Toolbox Pro and I froze all of the apps listed, the ones that I still hadn't removed, or froze already, and I didn't brick my device, nor have I had any problems?

    Specifically which one do you think bricked your device, and I'll tell you what my status is on that (froze/running/uninstalled)
  8. slutyman

    slutyman Well-Known Member

    have u tried rebooting the phone and seeing if it starts up?
  9. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    I have been using Android phones from 4 years, i have aways rooted them, and aways debloated.

    Manifactures integrate a lot of junt in the OS that is not needed, runs all the time automaticly in the backgrownd, tracks you, and uses battery.

    Those elements ive frozen/deleted are safe to remove IF you arent planning to use that features of the OS, for example, DO NOT delete "voice recorder" element if you are planning to make voice notes etc...

    Whoever sais they soft bricked there device freezing the elements i posted, you must have deleted something else also, or messed up your phone in some other way pruor or after debloating.

    i got my phone on November 1st, is been running like that with all those 72 elements frozen for 5 days, restarted it atleast 10 times (i like to restart the OS few times a day, it frees RAM and makes it run even better).
  10. Xieon

    Xieon Well-Known Member

    I froze or uninstalled everything, and it didn't brick my phone.

    What do you think caused it and I'll tell you what my status is, uninstalled, frozen, running. And if you need the stock file I can upload it for you, but at worst it's only a soft brick. You can't really brick your phone yet
  11. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    This thread is redundant and not needed
  12. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    it gives extra speed and extra battery, what r you mad at?

    i would assume people want to know what is everything they can remove, all the threads i saw about Blotware removal have like 20 elements or so, i post all of them, and let let people choose which one of those 72 to save if they using it, freeze the rest, and decide for themselfes.

    I think is usefull, anyone else think the same?

    heres my Quadrant after debloating the ROM, and i get 12+ hours of battery life with normal to high usage.

  13. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    I think it is your choice or words/terms...

    Remove is not used the same as freeze.
    I know for a fact that removing or integrating updates for the Google Play Books and Movies will soft brick.

    When you say you can remove all these items, then show them as frozen, it can cause some confusion.

    I think that is the only issue pointed out by the other posters...

    Definitely appreciate bringing the knowledge to the forums though, thank you for your contributions...
  14. malkimeansking

    malkimeansking Well-Known Member

    not sure what exactly bricked it but i know that when i removed the screen lock from android i couldnt unlock the phone anymore and when i restarted it woulndt get past the LG logo and it gave me an error message... luckily i was able to unbrick using my computer but now 2gb of hard drive space on my SSD has suddenly gone missing i only have 1.2 gb free and therefore preventing me from trying it again because when u unbrick u need 3gb free
  15. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    If i delete them, they wont appear in the Titanium Backup for me to make screenshots.

    OK, i have frozen all the Google stuff that i dont use, Books Movies, Music, Search, Plus etc..

    i restart my phone, why isnt soft bricked? besides that, all those are downloadable from the Play Store.

    What makes you think that soft bricks the LG?

    Mybe something is diferend w that phone, i had 3 generationd Samsung Galaxy phones from T-Mobile (Vibrant, Galaxy S 4G, and Galaxy S2), i aways delete those, never had a single problem...

    Am i missing something?
  16. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    There is a pinned thread about this already....look above at the top of the forum....thank you for continuing this farce of a thread.
  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator


    Someone is saying that it borks their LG and the question is why they think so?

    If you have this phone, drop me a line, otherwise, as stated, there's already a sticky thread for this.
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