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All Unbricking methods for a non responsive T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIIGeneral

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  1. Metal12012

    Metal12012 New Member

    Hello, i am aware of the jtag method But i would really want to know how perform such techniques on my own. What do i need to buy and download to get started. If there are other easier ways of unbricking a hard brick samsung that does not power on, please help me. My samsung is hard bricked and i would like to learn to unbrick it on my own. Teach me your wisdom ohh chosen ones of the forum.

  2. jaya12

    jaya12 New Member

    I have SGH-I727r which is not powering on( I think it is hard bricked ). and i checked the Ports in device and it is showing as QDLoader9008 . Please share any technique to resolve this issue by my own . Thanks Alot in advance
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Metal. Sorry I missed your post when you joined. & Jaya :hello: Welcome to the forums.

    I don't have any experience with a hard brick that won't turn on, but you can try a USB jig. You can check this thread, [guide] how to make your own usb jig and this one, USB Jig FAQ .

    Jawa, you might find more help in the Skyrocket forum and this thread. There are more members there with your model phone.

    If you can't get anything to work, contact mobiletechvideos.com. They have a relatively inexpensive JTAG service.

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