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    Allphone_Chita-CM2.3.7 V4 released

    Music Phone Allphone-Chita version is live music community association and cooperation with communities, local Friends of the senior technical team to complete the Music Phone (3GW101, 3GW100, 3GC101, S1) support Android CM 2.3 system, the latest version of the firmware system.
    Android 2.3.5 has been completed prior to the release, today upgraded to version 2.3.7; based Android CM version that adds support for Music Phone features and applications - for example: support for Free Lossless Audio Codec - FLAC (lossless audio compression coding ) audio format music, multi-touch, run the program from the SD external memory, the compression cache, a large number of APN list, restart feature, Wi-Fi wireless network support, Bluetooth, USB network sharing. CyanogenMod is also the first to use Task Manager BFS for the operating system. CyanogenMod claim to offer better performance than the official firmware version and more reliable.

    Following the completion times of the firmware and system characteristics related to Introduction

    First, the completion of the firmware
    As of 2011.12.31, Music Phone Allphone-Chita 2.3.7 V4 version of the complete support of all hardware functions Music Phone, Android native software that comes with phone, messaging, contacts, etc. with reliable operation.
    (1) The system response speed has improved greatly, operating experience and better
    ( 2) flexibility of the system better - more user configuration options can be set to adjust
    ( 3) Support Music Phone Card brush mode - the system user-friendly upgrade
    On the specific hardware features supported include:
    1, mobile communications (3G, 2G, calls, messaging)
    2, camera peripherals (front and rear camera photo camera, three-way video chat software call)
    3, wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, WIFI device connection (WIFI and 3G support automatic switching, WIFI priority)
    4, 2D, 3D acceleration, basic video decoding
    5, the gesture area-wide support (double-click the main menu, lights, five to gesture: to increase the latch-screen; right-slip native Task Manager, you can call other programs)
    6, integrated Google services (you can use the electronic market, gtalk and other characteristics of android applications)
    7, GPS search positioning - Star Search faster
    8, supports the gravity sensors - 360 degree rotation, random play
    9, close to the sensor support - phone not afraid of inadvertently

    Two , the system features:
    1, support the Music Phone card easily brush mode; system optimization is good, fast response and
    2, fully supports the features of the CM to add custom interfaces, compatibility
    (1) four-way gravity sensing rotation (2 ) screen turn off animation (3) button to adjust the details of shock (4) the volume keys to set wake up (5) notification bar custom power control switch (6) lock-screen style custom 3, supports Gtalk, QQ and other video call application - play video call front camera phone 4, the perfect use of Google services: including electronic market, Gmail, etc. 5, Broadwood improved functional music phone on: (1) The gesture area is called the right of native multi-task program management (optional setting called other task management tools) (2) Le ink style boot screen boot animation (3) increase the time switch machine, alarm clock function (4) pre-service music associated with the cloud - allow users to enjoy music Music Phone cloud service (5) pre-music stores, live music bar and other fine software easy to use (6) led the gesture area light feedback , missed call notification light side

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    Can I install it for the Lenovo P70
    Please provide us the way to install it.
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    i have no idea about it.. you can try it at your own risk..good luck.:D
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    several observations:
    - the front camera works... but useless. the pictures are green and extremely bad.
    - the clock still has issues - I don't know why they are integrating the leos clock?!?
    - i removed adw and replaced with the original one. anyway I am suing crazy home
    - the standard gingerbread keyboard is missing and I could not install it
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    I install this ROM in my 3GW100 and it works fine.
    I still haven't ine a way to use front camera.

    I also have anda Lenovo S1 but i don't want to try a custom rom right now maybe in the future.
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    Consuming a lots Of Battery Power for 3GW101...others..are OK.. 2.7 was good i guess..

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