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  1. Dallamar

    Dallamar New Member

    on Samsung LN55C650:

    using allshare to play phone recorded video is not possible at this time. (720p, 480, lowest all tested with tech support)

    TV is hardwired to router

    using wireless Allshare

    either using the phone as the player or using the TV internal browser to play the video, video recorded by the PHONE is not playing

    the avatar trailer WILL play over wireless, also h264 video will play over wireless.

    spent over 45mins on level 2 tech support working this out with them

    hardjacking the phone into the TV will allow you to play phone recorded video (just mount the USB like you do when plugging it into your normal PC)


    allshare trying to play from vista 64 media libray is crashing media player.

  2. Goromeo

    Goromeo Member

    Any solution without hardwiring phone to TV im having same issue, any feedback is appreciated


  3. jpccoach

    jpccoach New Member

    I cannot use allshare. How do I wirelessly connect to my Samsung flat screen?
  4. dissident75

    dissident75 Well-Known Member

  5. m3rb

    m3rb New Member

    Even using Twonky Mobile instead of Allshare, I couldn't get phone-recorded videos to stream correctly to a Samsung Blu-ray player (BD-C6900).

    However, I picked up a Western Digital Live Plus HD, and it did it just fine, even at 720p.

    Took the C6900 back to the store.

    How about engineering your own products to play together nice, hey Samsung?

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