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  1. markt74

    markt74 New Member


    I'm not sure where to post this question. I'd be glad to post elsewhere if you have any suggestions.

    I'm trying to register my PC with Samsung's AllShare but I keep getting the message "Unable to verify MAC address of the PC. AllShare Play does not operate in virtualization environments.". I am not using virtualization. Samsung support said it could also be due to the manufacturer of the network adapter reusing MAC addresses. I therefore removed my nic and installed a different one (from a different manufacturer) and I still get the same error. I then installed AllShare on my laptop and yes I still get the same message. I'm either very unlucky with my three nics or many or all manufacturers reuse MAC addresses (in which case Samsung should not be using MAC address to register PCs) or Samsung's registration is somehow flawed. No idea which.

    Has anyone had this issue in the past and if so were you able to work around it or fix it?


  2. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    If you are behind a router, then all it can see is the router's MAC address. Unplug from the router and connect directly through the modem.
  3. nightsbird

    nightsbird Member

    Depending on your computer setup I was finally able to solve this issue.

    If you are using Windows XP Home the Allshare Play program uses a program called getmac to find the mac address of your computer.

    The problem is XP Home does not include this program it is only included in XP Professional and above. The solution copy it from a xp professional installation paste it into windows\system directory and restart allshare on the pc

    I did this and it registered the PC without a problem

  4. LaheaAtxkxeftu

    LaheaAtxkxeftu New Member

    I have the same problem and I followed your instructions, I copied getmac from Win7 to my XP, restarted AllShare, but it's still not working.
  5. nightsbird

    nightsbird Member

    I'm not sure Win7 version of getmac would work on XP, did you try opening a commmand prompt and running getmac on your XP machine.

    I would locate getmac from WinXP Professional thats the specific one
    I used

  6. barry694

    barry694 New Member

    I am reading the thread with interest since i have the same problem. I have installed getmac.exe in my system directory and this shows the mac address via command prompt. I believe the problem is my router has a mac address snd this is seen first when allshare is attempting to register the pc. I am going to try via a modem only connected as suggested here. Samsung are not particularly helpful their response is standard. OS i have is XP Home Edition

  7. nightsbird

    nightsbird Member

    AllShare actually doesn't look or see your external mac address, the registration only uses getmac. getmac can only see local macs on your computer. Your router may be blocking communication with its firewall, or windows may be. Try uninstalling allshare rebooting and reinstalling allshare.
  8. barry694

    barry694 New Member

    I have disabled firewalls norton and windows but still no difference. I am useing version of getmac and this is in system32 directory. When called from commmant prompt is does display the mac address. There is a different address for the router. I have tried uninstalling Allshare but again no difference. Nearby device settings in Allshare shows my computer so it knows it is there. Do you have the link where you obtained your copy of getmac? would be helpful Thanks

  9. nightsbird

    nightsbird Member

    My verision is 5.1.2600.0 from XP Professional, its in the C:\Windows Directory. I got it from one of my computers running XP professional.
    As far as I know XP started at version 5.1. I believe 5.0 is windows 2000 don't quote me on that though.

    you might try downloading an xp service pack and extracting the files it will probably be getmac.ex_ just expand it via command line "expand getmac.ex_ getmac.exe"
  10. nightsbird

    nightsbird Member

    Also not sure what router you are running. at command prompt when I type
    getmac it only shows items listed in network connections which in my case is a ieee1394 interface and the network card. the 1394 interface shows disabled disconnected and doesnt show the mac address. I have tested both a linksys wrt54g running dd-wrt and stock firmware both work. I tested a netgear it works, and I was even able to connect dual natted. router connected to a router
  11. barry694

    barry694 New Member

    Router is Huawei HG533 Fibre. The getmac.exe is so small i wonder if i might request you send it. I am unsure if this is possible because of security etc. I am no pc expert but i believe the router mac address is being read first by Allshare Play. What is frustrating is 'nearby device connection settings' shows my PC'. It looks increasing likely i will not pursue this problem. Samsung should have a better system to intergrate PC's into Allshare Play
  12. barry694

    barry694 New Member

    Further investigation of this problem has provided the following Getmac from command prompt shows the following

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
    C:\Documents and Settings\Barry>getmac
    Transport Address Transport Name
    ----------------- --------------
    00-00-00-00-00-00 \Device\NetbiosSmb
    XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-X \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{XXXXXXXX-66A4-4007-9FE6-02785438ADF0}

    The X is to hide my mac address - unsure if necessary. 5.1.2600 refers to XP not Getmac version. The information provided by Getmac I expect is the same whatever version?. I have disabled the firewall, disconnected the router and connected via a USB Modem. The result after this effort is the same THE MAC ADDRESS IS NOT READ BY ALLSHARE

    The solution to this problem might be altering NetbiosSmb etc but this has become too technical and beyond my capabilty. I am now resigned to fail this task. Pity i never like to give up. There must be others that have experienced this problem but where are they?

  13. sitronif

    sitronif New Member

    It seems that the problem comes from some invalid entries in the registry.
    Solution: look for a key named 'MAC Access Control', locate in 'Windows Media Player NS'.
    Remove the '00-00-00-00-00-00' entry from 'MAC Access Control' (and from Devices, a couple of keys above).
    Exit Samsung link application and restart. Now you should be able to register your PC.


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