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Ally FlashlightSupport

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  1. Okay, I have been looking for a flashlight app that uses the camera flash on my Ally on and off for months now. The only work around I can find is to create a shortcut with Anycut or ADW or the like to turn on the front LED. This is not good enough for me.

    My question is this: Why has nobody been able to fix this yet? I know a lot of people want it. Is it just too much of a hassle? Is it really a lot of work that nobody is willing to put in? Or is it that nobody has found a workaround?

    It seems to me that it shouldn't be a big deal to take API FLASH_MODE_ON and set it to true, or use the Android 2.x camera API TORCH_MODE and set it to true. I am no real programmer. Kinda just starting with C++ like two weeks ago.

    I would love to figure this out, and any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys :)

  2. PimpBiscuit21

    PimpBiscuit21 Member

    download launcher pro from the market. long press on the home screen and hit shortcuts. then press activities. then look for com.lge.LgHiddenMenu and choose Flash LED On/Off. then bam! a flashlight shortcut that uses the camera flash :) just be sure to use the back button to exit the app or else your front led will keep changing colors. so when you open it check the only box avalable to you and when done just hit back. dont uncheck it. this way every time you press it, it just turns the flash on.
  3. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Funny how this was brought up at the same time as I discovered it myself last night, you can do it in ADW.Launcher as well via custom shortcut, I saw the com.lge.hiddenmenu and saw LED test and it works like a charm.
  4. jtuite

    jtuite Member

    flashlight LED from the market works for the ally
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  5. flick159

    flick159 Well-Known Member

    Totally does! Thanks a bunch! Cool too because the adb/launcher shortcut turns the led off after a minute or so, this app keeps it on.

    Nice find!
  6. gaetawoo

    gaetawoo Guest

    it seems to turn your camera on, as the lens is trying to autofocus constantly. don't like it for that reason. just want a light, not wear and tear on the cheap camera. could use a little tweaking
  7. Yeah, thanks for that. It will totally work for what I need it for, for now. I really don't want to ruin the camera on this thing tough, so I will have to use it sparingly I guess.
  8. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    flashlight LED app that works for the ally is written by Manu.M.R. there are six market apps named flashlight LED lol and i downloaded them all.. bty the app makes the led flicker which made me go back to using a custom link to access the com.lge.hiddenMenu app to allow me to turn the led on and off(available in Adw launcher and Launcher pro)

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