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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cyberzerous, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I know we've done the "I dropped my phone in water O please help me" side to this with little good luck of working phone after the fact but today one has come to light and lives.
    So has I was walking in to work I pulled My 2 year old Ally (rooted, Romed, and ext. battery) from my pocket and BAMMM, dropped it in a sink hole full of water. I picked it up and freaked crap three more month for an upgrade. I ran inside and tried to work the water out and then pulled the battery.
    After some time I replaced the Battery powered it on and watched the screen go ape shit, its dead, its over O noes, so what the hell I'll put it on a hot power inverter we have here and bake it alittle, MMMMMM aged baked Ally. Two and a half hour in the oven and... wait for it.....MMMM smells good for lunch.... Holy died divas (sorry to soon) it worked.
    To sum this up my Ally has been a die hard buddy, and I know in a few months I will upgrade and move on but I think I will give it a better home now right next to my G1 Megatron.


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