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Ally with 2.2 requires an administrator

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  1. Rdixiemiller

    Rdixiemiller Member

    I have seen a few threads that kind of ask this question, but with other phones, please excuse me if this is a redundant post.
    I have an LG Ally, unrooted, Verizon. About 6 weeks ago, it updated to 2.2. Battery life is much better, although it seems to take longer to go from screen to screen.
    Since the update, I have had to allow a remote administrator for my phone. It allows resetting my phone remotely, and requires a password to unlock the screen. It won't allow a pattern, nor will it allow me to change the timeout. My network administrator at work has no idea about this, he says it sounds like Blackberry stuff.
    Should I just set it back to 2.1? Or is there an app that I can use that will get rid of the password requirement?
    Thanks in advance guys and gals!

  2. ccsoccer03

    ccsoccer03 Well-Known Member

    Does your job require an app that does that? The reason why I ask is, that is definitely not the default of android. If you continue to have this problem, I suggest a factory reset.
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  3. Rdixiemiller

    Rdixiemiller Member

    No app required that I know of. I set up the account using the standard Android "Add account" method. Before the 2.2 upgrade, I could use the screen unlock button, or a password if desired. Then, touching the email button would bring up my company email. Now, I have to have a remote phone administrator, and I have to use a password t unlock the screen. It is irritating, as the screen times out in 30 seconds and you have to reenter the password constantly. My IT guy swears he has not done anything. One of my coworkers hax a Droid X, he said after his upgraded to 2.2 his phone did the same thing. We are both stumped! Tech support at Verizon has not been able to help either.

  4. AndroidKris

    AndroidKris Well-Known Member

    Have you tried going to Settings->Location&Security->Set up screen lock, then telling it "none" You'll see options for "Pattern" "PIN" and "Password" as well, ignore those.
  5. Rdixiemiller

    Rdixiemiller Member

    I have tried that. I have also tried unchecking the box "send email from this account by default". Doing this locks me out of my corporate email account. When I try to access the account, I get a message saying I have to enable a device administrator. Device administrator requires me to have a password to unlock the screen, and sets the timeout for about 15 seconds. This is quite annoying, and seems to have something to do with the 2.2 upgrade, as this was not the case with 2.1.
  6. JJJandJ

    JJJandJ Member

    it sounds like your company has a policy set on the exchange server active sync. Android 2.1 was not compatible with the policies of active sync but 2.2 is. As a network admin I can setup policies on the exchange server that requires certain phone settings. The only setting I enforce is the ability to remote wipe the phone which I have had to do.

    This is something that your companies IT Dept would have to change.

    Edit: Exchange 2007 you can find the policy on the Management Console under Organization Configuration -> Client Access -> Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies (This is on the Email Server NOT the phone)
  7. Rdixiemiller

    Rdixiemiller Member

    I was afraid of that. There are only 3 of us in the company who use smartphones, and 2 of us have this problem (the other is a Blackberry user). That being said, my IT guy will not make any changes on this. So, I need to go back to 2.1? Or is there a workaround in 2.2 that will let me get to the same settings as 2.1 used? I don't mind entering a password to access my company e-mail, but it is irritating to have to enter a PIN number to unlock the screen for everything. This is my personal phone that the company pays $40 for me to receive company e-mail. I am thinking of presenting them with a binary solution set. Either relax the security setting on the server, or they can provide me with a company phone with company e-mail settings. I do not feel obligated to screw up the functionality of my personal phone just to receive company e-mail.
  8. ZekeSulastin

    ZekeSulastin New Member

    That's what you should have done to begin with, honestly. Here's hoping they never feel a burning desire to remote-wipe your phone :(
  9. Morte

    Morte Member

    Can't do it with the Native App for Exchange. You will have to use something like Touchdown Exchange by NitroDesk. The policy settings you are referring to are quite common in any corporate environment.
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  10. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    touchdown also enforces the exchanges security policies. it can be disabled on a rooted phone with some good sql work from the command line.

    it requires placing a trigger in the touchdown database on your phone so that when security policies are pushed down by exchange the database changes the policy back to no password required.

    I searched and searched for the solution and didn't find it. then I read that triggers were supported by sqlite3 I knew I had the solution.
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