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  1. eraser

    eraser Well-Known Member

    This looks to be one of the best android phones out there. Although I prefer physical keyboards, I'm willing to give it up if the published specs for this device are accurate.

    If it is in fact running Android 2.0, and it uses T-Mobile's 3G bands, I'm all over this baby the day it comes out.

    I would prefer stock Android to make it easier to upgrade in the future but I am willing to give it up for the Snapdragon processor and 8MP camera.

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Snapdragon Processor...... 8MP Camera...... **Drools** :D
  3. yxan

    yxan Member

    man does it suck to live in america when we are upon a dawn of some really cool phones :) back to second fiddle and waiting a lifetime for them to become available.
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    At least in America you know their coming! Here in the U.K we Don't know of any really cool androids coming out..... I'm probably gonna get the Droid if it ever came out here :D
  5. yxan

    yxan Member

    well in uk there is all gsm :) and ebay so u can buy whatever. in usa, we have crappy t-mobile which has no 3g coverage at all barely, and then at&t which has a gazzillion iphone users flogging their network. so we are left with two really good cdma (problem is u gotta get what they offer you) id love to see x3 on Sprint but that is doubtful :(

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