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almost rooted and screen won't work

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  1. CatLadyNTheHat

    CatLadyNTheHat New Member

    Here is the website I was going by:

    How To: Root The MyTouch 3.5mm and Fender MyTouch (Updated 12.13.10) | TheUnlockr

    Everything worked fine (I set up ADB and the gold card from the two tutorials he links to, and the phone was recognized by the computer) until I put the phone in fastboot mode and connect it to the computer (steps II. 5-6). The phone doesn't show up under the devices list. If I start it up again regularly, it will recognize it.

    Of course, this is right after the step where he says the touch screen won't work...so now I'm in a bit of a pickle :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize in advance if this is a dumb mistake on my part.

    PS. In the link, the timestamp on the video is about 4:20 when he starts the step where I'm stuck at.

  2. CatLadyNTheHat

    CatLadyNTheHat New Member

    Please help me, even if it wipes the whole thing...just please help me.

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