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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Hello! My name is Michele but my friends call me Mimi! I just got the HTC EVO! I'm loving it! It my first Android phone! Cant stop playing with it! My first smartphones were Palms. A Centro and a Pre. My Evo has definitely been a MAJOR upgrade! I have since converted 2 ppl to get EVOs. My boyfriend, who insisted he was going to keep his Pre until he came with me to the Sprint store and held the Evo in his hands. It was love at first sight!;) And the other person is my brother who lives in San Fran. I kept bragging about my new phone on Facebook, he decided to go to the Sprint store to check it out. He had to wait a few days because the phone was sold out :(. But he has it now and I noticed hes been taking ALOT of pics and posting them to Facebook with his new EVO! Right now my mother and sister have iPhones. My sister was a little jealous of some of the apps I have, such as Swype. Maybe I can convert them too:p Gimme time...

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Welcome!!! I wish I was in Hawaii. Luckeeee. :p

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