[alpha GUIDE] Easier ZTE Score X500 root. Will work w/Mac or PC.

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  1. MrElvey

    MrElvey Member

    PlayfulGod's http://androidforums.com/score-m-all-things-root/553423-guide-how-root-zte-score-m.html is great, but I was able to root my ZTE Score using the same backdoor, but had to do a lot less typing on my Score, and didn't have to download or install any drivers.

    Read for a root warning/disclaimer, and background: http://androidforums.com/faqs/443432-what-root-being-rooted-mean.html :smokingsomb:

    I think this is what I did:

    In app store (Google Play - http://play.google.com):
    Install Superuser.
    Install Terminal Emulator
    Install busybox Note: Oops - it seems I installed busybox by copying it over a USB cable; the one installable via the app store requires root.:eek:
    Install Titanium Backup * root (This can be done later, but hey, the first thing you should do once you get root is back up!)
    Run Busybox [Note: It seems that the current version of busybox requires root; I'm pretty sure the version I used initially didn't...but I probably installed the one that came with a rooting tool...:eek:
    Run Terminal Emulator (Note that volume-up+W/A/S/D lets you move the cursor/access history.)
    Enter the following 7 commands. (IIRC, there's no output from any of 'em, and if there is any, something may be wrong):
    sync_agent ztex1609523
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system
    busybox cd /system/xbin
    busybox cp /sdcard/su su
    busybox chown 0 su
    busybox chmod 6755 su
    ln -s /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su
    *Read up a bit on how to use Superuser and Titanium Backup*
    Run Superuser
    Run Titanium Backup and use it (batch backup apps and settings)!
    Now back up your sdcard to your computer, so if you lose your phone, you don't lose everything, since your sdcard is in it!
    Ok, that's it!

    So, easier? Well, I guess I'm assuming you've already put your google credentials into the Score.

    I'll be rooting a new score in a week or 2, so I'll probably tighten these up then, and improve the formatting. (I'll see what feedback I get...) I think installing Superuser will put /sdcard/su in place, but maybe there's a missing step that did it (a side effect of my earlier failed attempts to root).

  2. noah62491

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    This is AWESOME bro ! thanks man,one question...do you have a back up of ur original score m 2.3.4 ? if not can u make one for us because the custom roms dont work and we are in a software brick (Look at the other posts) Thanks
  3. MrElvey

    MrElvey Member

    Thanks! Did you use them to root a Score?

    Oops. I just realized there are separate Score & Score M forums here - they are slightly different, and for Cricket and MetroPCS, respectively. See ZTE Score M - CNET's Review. I have the former (Cricket) phone. But they have the same backdoor, and a lot in common. I guess it would be good if a moderator moved this to the other forum.

    I'll look for your other threads. I still have 2.3.4 on my Score. You want it even though it's Cricket? Cricket has locked down their bloatware, unlike metroPCS.
  4. noah62491

    noah62491 Member

    yess plz maybe it'll work
  5. MrElvey

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