Alpha Wave - Intense Asteroid Destruction For the Masses!

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  1. We had noticed a lack of GOOD arcade shooters on Android. There are some good ones but not quite the way we had envisioned it so we set out to put our money where our mouths are and came up with Alpha Wave which is a nice redux of classics such as Asteroids and AstroSmash! It's gorgeous, features some intense and progressive gameplay, scales VERY well across many different Android devices and it comes in at around 10.5 MB total!

    Give it a rip and let us know what you think!

    Alpha Wave Trailer - YouTube

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Interesting. Often arcade shooters like these are retro graphics. Nice to see one with some polish!
  3. hehe yeah exactly, we decided to take what was retro and redux it. This was the result! :)
  4. Oh also, PLEASE don't forget to rate us in the marketplace!

    Thanks everyone!

    Hope you are enjoying our little creation!
  5. Rural

    Rural Well-Known Member

    Didn't notice there was a demo version so I bought the full one, and forgot to try it out = too late for refund. Better be good then! :)
  6. Heheh well we spent a lot of time polishing and so far, we've been given some good reviews.

    Do let us know what you think! We are gamers too and expect a good game when we buy it! :)

    Thank you for your patronage!
  7. Hey guys! Wondering if anyone has tried it out and if so, if there is any feedback!
  8. Thanks for your support so far guys and girls! Do keep it up! :)
  9. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

    Amazing how much like my PC game METEOR BLASTER this game is ... :) Of course, we BOTH stole fizzy lifting drinks from Astrosmash :)
  10. Very cool man! AstroSmash was awesome and so we really wanted to make a nice redux of it. I see you brought in the UFO as well. We initially had it, then removed it and then will probably re-introduce it for a future update! :)
  11. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

    Take my weapon powerup system ... It's pretty cool. I love the SHOCKWAVE :)
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  12. Yggdroid

    Yggdroid New Member

    Just picked up the full version after trying out the demo..and loving the game so far..and I'm anxious to see what other options you'll add if any to diversify the gameplay...just out of curiosity of how much more fun it can get..

    But man it's a fun game..the demo is a bit unfair though...leaves you wanting more...xD...I happily fell victim to its tease..
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  13. Hahah that was the idea! Glad you are enjoying our little shooter!

    Please do leave a star rating/feedback on the game too... helps us a lot!

  14. We are planning to release an update in the next couple of months. If anyone has input as to what they want to see. Now is the time to speak up! :)
  15. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

    Loot the power up system from my Meteor Blaster. I think it would add a whole new dimension to the game.

    Here are my notes from my game ... Obviously not everything is as it would be on a mobile device - if you want some video from the game showing the weapons, I'm sure I could dig some up.

    Power Up System
    - Some meteors have crystals in them.
    - Gathering crystals adds to your potential selectable weapons.
    - The current most powerful weapon is alwasy at DEFAULT (space bar or mouse 3 will activate).
    - Cycle through available weapons with mouse wheel, or arrow keys.
    - Quick start weapons with numbers on top of keyboard.
    - Weapons are still temporary, but will be a FIXED duration regarless of when used.
    - Weapons do not carry over from level to level.
    - Crystals do not carry over from level to level.
    - Crystals not used for a lower weapon are retained.
    - Weapons can be activated and superceeded anytime.
    - Weapons are as follows (one crystal per value):

    -Speed up (move faster)
    -extra bullet (more total bullets in the air)
    -fast shot (shots move faster)
    -double shot (two parallel shots)
    -triple shot (one straight up, two to each diagonal)
    -super shot (shot doesn't stop when it hits a rock - keeps traveling)
    -auto fire (hold down to fire)
    -slow down (slows down the meteors shortly)
    -shields (puts up a temp shield - same as when you spawn)
    - repair planet health (self explanatory)
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  16. Ckris

    Ckris Member

    Downloaded and played the demo today on SGS and it works perfect!
    Graphics are really impressive, and I like the 2.5D look :)
    The only "problem" I have with the controls: the space ship always gets hidden behind my thumb.
  17. Wow thanks some good ideas there! If we use any of them I'll credit you for sure.

    We have some good ideas in place for our first update too, going to be a whole new level with new entities and wepons!
  18. Thank you! hheh it's closer to 2.75D as pretty much everything is in 3D except the background! :)

    Yeah the ship being hidden is kind of a bummer with respect to that control scheme. We didn't want to move the ship higher as to give more space for stuff to fall and for the player to react.

    Lesson learned!
  19. Your link is busted. :)

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