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altering car dock settings?Support

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  1. foggypants

    foggypants Member

    I've got the advanced car charger which auto launches the car dock. It was great as it launched the sat nav. However, I now use TomTom so its annoying that it launches the car dock and sat nav. Does anyone know if you can alter the settings so the car dock uses TomTom sat nav and not the default premium HTC one?

  2. pine

    pine Member

  3. foggypants

    foggypants Member

    Any ideas how to disable the car panel/dock from auto launching? Everywhere I read it says go to settings, car panel and in there uncheck the box, but I don't have car panel in my settings. If you go into setings whilst the app is open, it just gives mapping options. Another thread I read said to go to the usb settings and set to charge only, but my phone is already set to that.

    I've tried downloading the suggested app and others but damn car panel kicks in over the top.

    I'm running a non routed with 4.04.


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