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Altering User Agent?

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  1. tunnie

    tunnie Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 1, 2009
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    OK so my previous phone was a Windows Mobile HTC SPV m3100, cracking little phone until i killed it :(

    I am getting the same problem with my HTC Magic regarding MMS images, the problem is the handset is not recognized with my carrier (O2) They don't sell the magic.

    So when i send a mms from another handset to my phone, because its unrecognized with o2, they send me the smallest image possible.

    With my old m3100, i was using a cooked ROM, i had to alter the user agent in the registry settings to fool o2 into thinking my phone was a different (supported) handset which gave me decent size mms.

    Can i do the same with Andriod?


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