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  1. sdelliott31

    sdelliott31 Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 18, 2010
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    I stumbled upon this sideloading method that has worked for me.

    1. Download the Sideload Wonder Machine to your PC
    2. Use your phones internet to download the android app that is not from the market.
    3. Make sure your phone is on USB Debugging and then Mounted, so that the computer can see the Phones files.
    4. Use sideload to go through Windows Explorer and point to the phones download folder which will have the apk file that you downloaded to the phone but could not install.
    5. On the computer install this file, and it will load on the phone. I have done this with several and it has worked great.

    A little backwards, but it is quick and it worked for me a few times. Hope this helps somebody!


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