Alternate Steps for Installing ClockWorkMod(CWM) Recovery

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  1. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

    I unfortunately did not have any luck with nvflash as explained at
    Steps for Installing ClockWorkMod(CWM) Recovery

    So I tried to perform an alternate way and Happy to report it worked for me and it is Quite Simple.

    What I did is to take the "bootloader.bin" and "recovery.img" from the "nvflash" folder provided in "Steps for Installing ClockWorkMod(CWM) Recovery"

    Copied that into "Stock mmx 2.2" folder from iGyaan Download Link.

    And then Just Flashed using NvMultiDown_1.0.2.3

    And Voila


    I have Uploaded the The Modified (just replaced "bootloader.bin" and "recovery.img" to the "Stock mmx 2.2") to

    Just Flash the Modified Stock MMX 2.2 version using NvMultiDown.

    Detailed instructions are provided at iGyaan website mentioned above.

  2. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

    Now with the above version, I m unable to install A85_2.3.4_noversion2.0 nor JetMod 3.0

    I was hoping some one can upload Nvidia CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.7 which I can try with “iGyaan 2.3.4″

    And see if it resolves the issue of not being able to use 2.3 ROMs using v5.0.2.0

    I believe that it should solve our issue...
  3. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Hey dude if u want to install cwm v5.0.2.7 just flash appy rom v2023 via nvmultidown n if u want to install any oder rom's flash the zip via cwm v5.0.2.7
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  4. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

    Thanks Shiv...
    Yes I did that earlier.
    appy rom v2023 was the last ROM I tried.

    Got it working.. And it is Beautiful.

    Waiting eagerly for varun's JETMOD 3.1
  5. nikhilrana1818

    nikhilrana1818 New Member

    nvmultidown is giving me error when i connect usb i have igyaan 2.3.4 rom

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