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Alternate to Zagg ShieldSpray Spray??Accessories

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  1. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member


    Was wondering if anyone can recommend without consequences something to spray and clean the Zagg shield on my EVO?? I had a "kit" or two of the spray from the company and have been using that for months but I am getting low. Would rather not pay the money for the 10mL (such a small amount!) that Zagg sells online if someone can recommend a good alternative??

    I have not tried simple water, nor have I tried any type of isopropyl alcohol-based liquid. It's just that the Zagg spray results in a SUPER SMOOTH/CLEAN screen and didn't want to experiment with anything else unless someone else could recommend.


  2. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Wow... you seriously been using that crap?

    I threw the freebie that came with my Commuter case on my phone and before I took it off (didn't want it on anymore since I got the trident case) I always just swiped it on my shirt 7 or 8 times with moderate force to wipe all the crap off. Simple as that...
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    eyeglasses cleaner
  4. Norwester

    Norwester Well-Known Member

    I've posted about this stuff so many times that some probably think I have a stake in the co. :D Anyway its called ROR and I use it on everything from my plasma screen,camera lenses etc to my cell phone. Its absolutely amazing how clear it gets your screens. I paid I think $5.95 for a 2 oz bottle at the local camera store 2 yrs ago and its still half full. It doesn't take much,just spray a little on a tissue and wipe. Call camera stores ,ones bound to have it.
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  5. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    Crap?? It an alcohol-based cleaner that, as I mentioned, works great. Never had a complaint...little spray and buff with a micro-fiber and the shield was super glass smooth. I was just looking for an alternative to the "Zagg Brand" stuff.

    The use of your shirt makes ZERO sense. It's like saying you wash you car with dry rag or your kitchen table after dinner with a dry paper towel. I've used my shirt on my phone but that does NOTHING to get rid of schmeared crap and finger junk that can accumulate.

    Thanks though...I guess...
  6. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    Will take a look...thanks for the suggestion! Anyone with other options?? Just in case I have difficulty find the ROR stuff...
  7. Flippa

    Flippa Member

    I use the cleaner I got for my ray ban sunglasses. Its 10 bucks and has unlimited refills at the sun glass hut. It comes with a cloth and a keychain with small screwdrivers. I am not able to find a link on there site but its always at the register. Let me know what you think.
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    it's eyeglasses cleaner! the stuff is awesome I'm telling you guys... alcohol free...and it's not more than $5 at walmart or Sams, with free refills.
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  9. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    FREE refills?? So I guess I just go to the eyeglass counter at Walmart and pick up a bottle? Super!

    If I ask if they have "free refills" are they gonna look at me all funny??:eek:

  10. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    I guess at half the price, it's worth a shot. I have sunglass cleaner from sunglass hut for $10 that is "unlimited refills" I bought it like 2 years ago and still have some left so I have yet to test that out lol.
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    it's always been free refills. sams and walmart in the optical part. I actually recently asked just to make sure they still do it.
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  12. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    Picked up some yesterday at Walmart...$2 and yep, free refills!! Says right on the bottle!

    Tried it and good to go...thanks!!
  13. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    This gives me a business plan for reselling eyeglass solution :D
  14. VinBone

    VinBone New Member

    The real secret is not the cleaner. Almost all the "sprays" for glasses, scientific lenses, photography and screens is a mild de-ionized distilled water with a tiny concentration of ammonia and/or a mild surfactant. The real trick is the spray bottle. It creates a micro-fine mist. For my small items I just pump a shot into the air and then wave my phone/glasses/camera through it. The mist cloud will just sit in the air where you spray it for several seconds. For screens I spray it from about 8" to 12" away. Then you use a microfiber lint free cloth. Beware, most fabrics you wear or carry will scratch all by themselves or if not, attract and hold dirt that will scratch. My glasses or made with Crizal Aliz
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