Alternative app ideas from experienced ex-iPhone users?

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  1. Agdistis21

    Agdistis21 Member

    While my brand new Galaxy S4 is in the repair shop (which I barely got to use before I broke it lol) I am looking for a few alternatives to some iPhone apps I am feeling rather nostalgic for.

    First and most important is iBooks: I read ALOT on my phone. Just books really. I don't care if it supports a million different formats, as long as it supports e-pub and maybe PDF, for the rare occasion I might want to look at one while using my phone. What I really came to love about iBooks was the simple stuff. The look of all my books on its little shelf, the page turning animation, the ability to read in white/sepia/night mode and being able to click and hold a book to change its position on the shelf. That last one is big for me. I have a tonne of really long series and like to organize them on the shelf in order of what book I'm going to read next.

    The iPhone native Music app: It was so simple! I just want something to listen to music on that is organized nicely and has a simple interface. I've heard the Google music app is popular but I have so many questions about it! Do I have to stream my music through it? Does that cost data? Can I just download my music and have it directly on my phone? If I have a poor connection does my music stop streaming?...

    My Hours 2.0: Its a work scheduling app that I have been using for years. I heard they have an android app as well but it is apparently very glitchy compared to its iOS counterpart. What I need is something similar to a shift work scheduler. I need to be able to change the rate of pay and duration of hours for each shift, example: My overnight shifts are based on a flat-rate (which I just divide by the hours I'm working that night) whereas my day shifts are paid by the hour. I also would like it to show me the accumulation of hours I have worked in a set period and how much money I have made based on the pay rates I have entered. I don't need it to estimate with taxes or anything, just the total of what I have entered each week or pay period.

    iPhone Notes: I just want a simple app or widget that will let me open it and make a note quickly. Nothing fancy, and show me a list of other notes I have made.

    If any one has any suggestions for any of these that would be great :) Thanks for reading!!!

  2. RichardSeq

    RichardSeq Well-Known Member

    iBooks --------------------------> Google Play Books: Supports PDF, epub.
    Music -------------> Google Play Music: Plays Music, can play music on storage devices, stream
    Notes---------------> Google Keep: Colour code notes, add annotate, pictures, and best of all cloud sync
    You can try MyHours, the bugs can sometimes depend on device.

    Any other apps?
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  3. rfan8312

    rfan8312 New Member

    For notes consider Sticky Notes.

    It's nothing spectacular, but real easy and quick and anything written in the note can be read to you out loud by pressing the speaker button that every sticky has on the bottom right corner.
  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    For notes, I use Google Keep as well. Very simple to use. The notes are stored in Google Drive, so you can also access them via any web browser. It's handy to take some notes on my phone and then later add to them on my PC.

    For Music, I use Rocket Player.
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Definitely Rocket Player. :thumbup:

    Google Music might be OK as long as you're not travelling internationally, you'll lose access to it if go to a country where it's not available, RIAA and record company restrictions I think. I was able to upload my music and stream when I was in the UK, but now I'm back in China, no music from Google, have to use Baidu or Xiami here for streaming.
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Well if the music is stored on the device, I actually do like the current version of Samsung's Music Player.

    For books I usually use Mantano Premium for books not from Amazon, and Kindle of course.

    Google Keep for notes as well. Although you may want to check out Evernote or OneNote too.
  7. Agdistis21

    Agdistis21 Member

    Thanks so much for all the ideas everyone :)

    For books books I am now using moon+ reader.

    I'm using the native Samsung music player for my tunes.

    I did end up using the android version of My Hours 2.0. It is just as glitchy as I feared but it's still the only app that does what I need it to do (minus a few features on this version unfortunately)

    And for my notes I found an app that is very similar to Apple notes (called Notes lol) in appearance and function except it has few extra goodies thrown in :)

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