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Tips Alternative charging for Avail

  1. Gregorso

    Gregorso Member

    My Avail's charging port is broken. What other ways can I use to charge it? Is there a compatible wireless charging mat? Is there a charging dock that doesn't use the port? Is there a battery charging device which I can put the battery into by itself?

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    There is chargers on eBay that charge with the battery removed.
  3. natenkiki2004

    natenkiki2004 Active Member

    Battery Charger for at T ZTE Avail N760 Roamer | eBay

    Charge via USB (I know yours is broken, just saying...) and a 2nd battery at the same time! You should be able to get this and a 2nd battery for under $13 or so total if you don't mind the wait from China. I might get one in case my port goes tits up. Seems to be common with these ZTE devices...

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