Alternative HTC Hero charger?

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  1. yorkshirecath

    yorkshirecath Member

    Having left my charger in a hotel last night, doh!, i need something to tide me over for a couple of days. Without scouring the house for adapters i'm wondering if the socket on the phone matches any other chargers i may have floating around, like another old phone charger or DS or something??


  2. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Any mini USB charger will fit. I think digital cameras use them, PSP's, that sort of thing.

  3. yorkshirecath

    yorkshirecath Member

    Nah thats the wrong one. That's what my old blackberry was like. The hero i have is a rectangular socket with one corner cut off.
    Maybe the UK and US ones are different.
    It looks like this:
  4. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

  5. yorkshirecath

    yorkshirecath Member

    It's a completely different fit! Did you look at the picture of the phone socket i posted?
  6. yorkshirecath

    yorkshirecath Member

    Eeeeek, see what you mean now after trying it. Wow, how bizarre! Thanks so much!
  7. Robchaos

    Robchaos Well-Known Member

    "ExtUSB is an HTC proprietary connector that features a USB (with power) and Headset connections in a single combined connector. It is backwards-compatible with USB, but has extra 6 pins to support audio."
  8. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    No probs, I thought the same when someone told me :D
  9. pdrhan

    pdrhan Well-Known Member

    Mini USB connector does NOT fit into bottom of the HERO , i have just checked it out!
  10. JayCee

    JayCee Well-Known Member

    It does fit.
  11. pdrhan

    pdrhan Well-Known Member

    Not this one i have!Impossible to get into the Hero without damaging the unit!
  12. Robchaos

    Robchaos Well-Known Member

    are you sure you're using mini and not micro? There is a difference, and miniUSB does fit.
  13. alinver

    alinver Well-Known Member

    My original cable is damaged, so I just pulled out the first mini USB I found in the cupboard it fits and charges.

    I also picked up a multi connection, with a mini USB phone charger at Lidls for
  14. pdrhan

    pdrhan Well-Known Member

    Hmm , seems i might be wrong then, sorry...;-(
    Yup - I was terribly wrong....sori , it FITS very well - just tried it out...
  15. starscrean

    starscrean New Member

    The Hero uses a Firewire I394 and that pic is of a USB to completely different wires,,if you search around you should be able to find a replacement or some kind of converter..
  16. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    The Hero uses ExtUSB, not Firewire. ExtUSB is miniUSB with extra pins for audio
  17. ronin

    ronin Active Member

    Its 100% not firewire - I use mini-USB to charge my phone all day at work.
  18. antipesto93

    antipesto93 Well-Known Member

    i have a mini usb charger like the one in the image above and it fits

    i think its pot some of them jsut dont go in even though they look identical
  19. Dutchmarco

    Dutchmarco Member

    For my Nokia 5800 I'be used a Jupio luc0020
    Charger, the batteries worked on 3.7v
    Just like the Hero's, so that should work. I'm also getting a spare battery for the Hero, so I cam take a spare charged battery with me without having to worry about finding a socket if my charge drops too low.
  20. thisnameistaken

    thisnameistaken Well-Known Member

    I was stuck without my charger this weekend and tried a cable with a plug just like that from a friend's digital camera, and it didn't fit.

    I'm not saying yours doesn't fit, but this one didn't fit.
  21. starscrean

    starscrean New Member

    Yes it turns out I was totally wrong,it is not a firewire as I thought,and the mini USB's do fit..I have tried.But would the pins inside get damaged,from using something it was not intended to use?. Or was it ?
  22. kaine

    kaine Well-Known Member

    Mini usb absolutely 100% do fit. I've been using them since I lost the original cable. UK Orange Hero owner fools.
  23. reidbo

    reidbo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. The PSP mini USB does indeed work.
  24. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    ExtUSB was designed to be backwards compatible, so normal miniUSB could be used in it. I was weary when I first found out. Check out this video, might help you ease your worries ;)
  25. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Mini usb doesn't work forever though. Mine has started to slip so I need to place the phone in a particular angle for it to still charge. The normal charger still works fine though

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