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  1. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    Ok, after having this for almost a week now, I have to say there are two things that bother me the most, and a few small things as well.

    Besides the propitiatory cord/lack of a on board USB (I hate that with a passion) , I have had an even bigger problem with the Peel remote.

    If I had one word to describe, I am not sure "hate" would be strong enough.

    My issues are several-fold, and in every aspect of trying to use the thing. The bottom line for most of them is that it lacks options or the ability to be customized.

    1) Upon turning on the app, it it forces you to landscape orientation. What if I want to hold it portrait while still pointing the emitter directly at the TV/other devices? Too bad.

    2) Upon turning on the app, it automatically starts downloading programs, and keeps attempting to do so even if you have the wi-fi OFF. Sometimes all I want to do is turn down the volume, or pause, and I want to do it now. If I wanted to wait I would go get my other remote. There is no way to turn this off, it is a hard coded behavior, not configurable. It still even tries to find programs even if you have unchecked all genres. For me, who has a limited FAP and poor bandwidth for the content I do download, it makes the experience frustrating.

    3) While automatically downloading the programs (or trying to), it hangs the entire tablet. Can't exit the app or even go to the home screen. My handy 400 dollar device is useless as it attempts to do something I didn't want it to do in the first place.

    4) I understand it tries to streamline the adding of new devices to control, but it should offer the OPTION of picking the exact device. I have had problems with this on 2 accounts
    4A) If I want to program my remote to work with my BD player, while my kids are watching a cartoon or something, I don't WANT it changing my HDMI input, etc. Most likely I just want to be able to pause the BD player if someone else has the remote or whatever.
    4B) My Philips DVD player/sound system does NOT have a power on from the remote. So no way to check that the Peel has the correct code. However I know my exact model number, or alternately let it do some OTHER function besides mess with the power.

    5) I want to be able to use more of the screen for controls, not pictures of TV shows that I have no interest in. The combined controls for my DirecTV DVR and TV on the Peel remote have already made me twice lose the live bufffer on TV programs I was watching, because it changed the channel when I was just trying to change the volume.

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any other options to control the IR on the Samsung 7 plus. This has truly soured my entire experience with this tablet, since the IR was one of the killer features that made me want it over other tablets. Last night I tried 10 different remote apps, but all of them required external hardware and would note work with a built in IR emitter. And don't get me started on the wifi or bluetooth ones.

    So, after that rant, does anyone know where to find some alternate IR remote program that will work with the IR on the Samsung Galaxy 7 plus?

  2. RhinoDoc

    RhinoDoc Well-Known Member

    I primarily bought this for the form factor, but admit the Peel remote was of moderate interest. It is truly piss poor versus my usual remote. The show offerings are minimal and, despite what they say, don't reflect anything I am interested in. I just don't use it.
  3. srglassw

    srglassw Active Member

    I would have to agree that the functionality of the Peel remote is limited and inflexible. I can't see this replacing my Harmony remote and DVR.

    However, while we are wintering in Arizona and suffering with basic cable TV with only a one-line program guide scrolling at an insufferably slow pace, the Peel remote is providing us with a usable program guide. So, despite it's shortcomings it does have some value.
  4. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    I for the most part like the Peel remote app for the fact that it does work and it does give a channel guide. I just wish there was a list view option vs what it does now.

    And as far as I know Peel is the only remote app that uses the IR Blaster as of now and will most likely stay that way til IR blasters become a normal thing on android devices.
  5. groovdafied

    groovdafied New Member

    Logitech should create a Harmony android app that you can buy for tablets or phones with IR sensors. They would get such a strong foot hold in the universal remote market.
  6. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    I would pay for that for sure!
  7. Jadien

    Jadien Well-Known Member

    So... I'm looking at getting this tab when it has another price drop due to the much crappier Tab 2 (7.0) that is coming. I mainly want a smaller tab than the TF I have now, and am wondering if the Peel app is worth going the Samsung way. I like the idea of using a little 7 incher for more utilitarian endeavors such as the IR, but I'm worried about how it'll work. Do the rest of you guys feel the same as the OP, or is it YMMV?
  8. Power tools

    Power tools New Member

    I purchased the Tab 2 specifically for the irblaster function. After messing with Peel for a short time, decided that it wouldn't meet my needs. I found an app called Touchsquid that looks promising. It has just been released with support for the Tab 2 in May, so there are still a few bugs, but it is very customizable. There is a free trial app that has limited functions, but gives you a chance to see how it works. The full function "home" version is $19, so it's costly - but worth it if it works out. So far, it looks promising. There is a bit of a learning curve.
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  9. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    If this was to happen, I would suspect it would go as well as their support goes for the Harmony Link android app which is piss poor, feature lacking, and incredibly horrible support ~_~ stick with the Harmony Remotes if that was the case as for the Harmony Link and the idea of them supporting IR Blaster tablets yeah thats wishful thinking because so far the experience has been horrible.

    I also on top of that have the Griffin Beacon that uses the dijit app, same boat, better features then the Harmony Link and Peel BUT not as big of a device database with limited learning, the app support is just as horrible because the team is apple fans so little goes into the android app compared to their ios app.

    I have also looked into the TSquid app and will be trying that out next, overall peel isnt to bad, Im working on making suggestions to expand the library and add other device support like lighting and so forth. TSquid is working on adding a tv guide feature so that is nice as well as a way to pull up cover art of media on your network.
  10. Landrew

    Landrew Active Member

    If you thought it was just to help you find the channels you want, guess again. Its designed to steer you to the channels they want you to watch, based on the promotional money they paid.

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