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  1. suicida

    suicida Active Member

    So I stupidly installed the update to ASTRO earlier and now have awful ads at the bottom of the screen. I'd gladly pay for an ad free version but in the mean time I'm looking for a decent file manager (ad free obviously) that works with the 'upload any file' option in Dropbox.

    Or if anyone has the .APK file of the old version (2.4.2) that would be great.

  2. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    EStrongs File Explorer should be good to.
    Although they say that it is less advance then ASTRO.

    Hope it helped, I to dislike the ad on the bottom. Hope there will be a paid version without the ad.
  3. suicida

    suicida Active Member

    Thanks. I tried EStrong earlier but it didn't appear to work with DropBox...
  4. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    The description clearly and boldly states that ads have been added to the app, but don't feel so bad. The previous version of Astro will expire on July 15 anyway, so you'll only be needlessly suffering with ads for three days before you would have been forced to update or move on to something else.

    I use it so infrequently that I prefer a version with ads as opposed to a paid version. I don't mind paying for apps, but am less likely to pay for something that I rarely use.
  5. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    It didn't immediatly said that in the description. Only after a couple of hours it stated it.

    OT: You can use EStrong for file management and use a seperate app for dropbox.

    -> Check out the market for the free app called "Dropbox".

    Hope this helps you a bit more :)
  6. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    I guess I was late to the party, arriving only after the description had been updated.

    Apologies to suicida if I sounded like a jerk. :eek:
  7. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    Either way the developer deserves to get paid and if they think this is the best way to go about it then they should be supported. It's a great app.
  8. Huntsman

    Huntsman Member

    You can try Linda File Manager. I don't know if it handles DropBox but it has very similar features to Astro
  9. bbrosen

    bbrosen Well-Known Member

    yea i went to linda myself, works just as good, maybe better, ill know once i play with it more...but so far quite happy...
  10. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    File Manager - Android app on AppBrain

    But seriously, I see no problem with the app having ads. The guy made the friggin thing for FREE, it's the least we can do for an excellent file manager. (tolerate the ads, that is)
  11. snapcase

    snapcase Well-Known Member

    See the thing is, I don't agree with the underhanded way developers keep doing this. This is NOT the first time this has happened.

    First they make a decent app and develop a following, it's free and ad-free. They don't bother making a paid version despite MANY followers stating their desire to directly support the developers efforts.

    Then, after the following has gotten sufficiently large, they shove ads in the app and don't offer ANY way to get rid of them (as in by paying directly). I have to conclude that the dev's do this intentionally due to the number of times it's happened. Basically put, the users of the program get duped.

    The part that really annoys me (aside from how intrusive the ads can be, and often are) is if I want to support a developer I want to support THEM. Not the advertising company who's ads they tossed into their program. I want to support the DEVELOPER... Directly. If you're going to make an ad enabled program (especially if it didn't start out that way), then offer a paid version to disable the ads.

    I want to support the ASTRO developer. But I won't use the program with ads in it after I've used it for so long without ads. If they come out with a paid version, I'll gladly buy it, otherwise I'll use something else. I'm honestly disappointed with "Metago" over this.
  12. othgar

    othgar Well-Known Member

    Well said and I agree.
  13. blackvyper

    blackvyper Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter that you updated to the latest version with ads. He puts Astro out with the BETA title and its use always runs out within a short time. I have a rooted phone with all my apps backed up so I downloaded the new update. I didn't like the fact that there was a blank spot at the bottom of the app (I use AdFree).. indicating where the ads wanted to be. After using Astro for a year or so I decided that the BETA label had gotten old and took the suggestion of another commenter and downloaded FileGo. The UI is better and it has no ads or BETA label therefore it has my vote. I have Root Explorer to work with my rooted files so this FileGo app is nice.

    FileGo v1.2.0 Application for Android | Tools

    note: The simple way would have been to charge .99 for Astro but judging from the comments in the Market.. it looks like Astro may end for real.
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  14. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Based on the comments both here and on the apps market I'd expect to see a paid for version coming out in a matter of days.... if the dev has any brains. I'm certainly hoping that will be the case.
  15. suicida

    suicida Active Member

    Well the only other file manager that works with Dropbox to enable you to browse for files to upload is OI File Manager so I've gone with that. It's a lot more basic than ASTRO but has no ads. As soon as ASTRO release the (inevitable IMO) paid version I'll go back to that.

    I don't have any problem at all with a dev wanting to get paid for their work (hell, I would want to get paid) but to force ads on users with no other option to remove them is bad form. I've never clicked on a mobile ad anyway so the dev would get far more money out of me if I paid for his app.
  16. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    My guess is that the developer is doing this because if he releases a paid version, people will illegally download that version to avoid the ads.

    This way, he's at least making some money with every download.
  17. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    Well you see, In my honest opinion this is not a problem.
    Because Google or who ever is in charge of the Android market FORCES us
    to illegally downloadp paid apps because most of us cannot buy them.

    It therefore isn't our fault if we illegally download something.
  18. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    I would pay a few bucks for an add free version, I'm currently tooking at Linda file manager to replace Astro. The only thing I really want is .apk backups.

    wut? Your reply makes me think you must be very young, and your parents won't allow you to link your google checkout to their credit card. Or is it that the programs you want aren't available in your region?
  19. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    No one is forcing you to do anything.
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  20. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    You can't buy paid apps all over the world...
    I live in Belgium (Europe) and like other country's we cannot buy paid apps.

    Know the facts before you talk...

    yes they are. If I can't buy the apps I want, what else can I do?
    Wait 'till they allow apps to be paid in my country? That could take a year if not longer.

    EDIT: here is the list of country's who are able to buy apps:

    Belgium isn't there....
  21. stJimmy111

    stJimmy111 Member

    i think Estrong has more features than Astro..
  22. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    Easy on the attacks, we can tell your mad already.

    I did say
    I realize it must be fustrating to not be able to get paid apps. Can you contact the appropriate Belgium authorities and voice your frustrations with them? Doing something in this case is better than doing nothing.
  23. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    How about not using that app at all?

    Hey, I can't afford a Ferrari because the local government asks too much tax on cars and fuel. According to you, I thus should steal one. It's Ferrari that suffers, or in the case of software it's the developer you steal from. It's not their fault you can't buy it...

    Here's something to consider: hop over to the Netherlands (or Germany, or France, or the UK depending where you live - one of those countries is nearby!), buy a €10 prepaid SIMcard there from Vodafone and use that to get to the market when you want to buy apps. Use wifi when you do that for the cheapest option. It really is not that difficult to solve!

    Or... root your phone and install a utility that lets your phone be recognized as one from a country where the paid market *is* available.

    Stealing the app is not the right path to go. Talk to google - they are responsible for not getting paid market up and running in Belgium. Read more about it here.
  24. Gren

    Gren Active Member

    Paid version available. $2.99.

    Android phone : Tapatalk enabled
  25. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    lol, I see that now. I've already been using Estronge all day, and to be honest, I like it better.

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