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Always on Mobile Data issues with IMAP email?! (Browse All)

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  1. amintz85

    amintz85 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 10, 2010
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    First, I'm a Android noob...got my Evo after having a Bold 9000 since it's launch day (election day 2008). After reading the battery saving article on goodandevo.net, I disabled the "Always on Mobile Data" setting in the Settings folder. I have disabled "always on mobile data" and have my IMAP email (the non-gmail account) check new email every 5 minutes. However, when I turn the screen off/lock the phone and put it in my pocket, I don't think the email gets pushed. I feel as though I have to turn on the screen and unlock (swipe down) in order for the phone to start syncing. Is this due to the face that I disabled "always on mobile data?"

    Any advice from Android experts would be great!

    Thank you very much!


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