Am I able to Use this phone? I have an existing ATT contract and was looking for a new phone.General

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  1. ryanwag222

    ryanwag222 New Member

    I've got an AT&T contract and Am currently using a Samsung A197. I would like to know if I can use the Thrive without purchasing a data plan, and just use the Wi-Fi when I'm at home. I have unlimited talk and text and a Sim card from AT&T. Anyone know if I'm able to use the phone?:confused:

  2. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    That's a good question. The sticker on the phone says if you ALREADY have an at&t plan and a SIM CARD, just switch the SIM card into the new THRIVE.

    Ok, its a PREPAID what happens if you put a CONTRACT SIM into a prepaid phone.

    Since a CONTRACT phone REQUIRES a data plan for a SMARTPHONE...this is a smart phone, but techincally prepaid.

    Seems though, if your Sansung A197 DOES NOT have a dataplan and does not require one, your contract plan couldn't really MAKE you add'd just be using the THRIVE to replace it.

    A data plan is NOT REQUIRED for the Thrive. If you don't buy a data plan, and you don't have wi-fi, you just don't have a data connection.. it will give you an error message if you launch an application that requires data.

    Let me know if you find out for certain.

  3. ryanwag222

    ryanwag222 New Member

    I suppose I could always buy it and if I cannot use it return it to amazon... But if I find out for certain I'll be sure to post it on the forums.
  4. patsworth

    patsworth New Member

    I have an At&T contract with several months left. My Samsung started doing some wonky things, and I got a Thrive GoPhone. All I had to do was insert the SIM card from the old phone & it has worked like a charm. They did change my plan to a smart phone data plan, though, since the old phone was not a smart phone.
  5. scottsedore

    scottsedore Member

    Bought one for my wife to get her away from the stevejobsmachine and popped in the sim and it works perfectly. ATT switched her iPhone plan to smartphone automatically. No issues. Gettin ready to root it for her.
  6. dspisak

    dspisak Member

    Hi. I also moved the AT&T contract SIM card from my old Samsung phone to the Thrive. As near as I can tell all features work just fine. I told the AT&T rep. what I was going to do and that person had no problem with the swap. The GoPhone card remains unused.

  7. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    All of the above is correct, except that, because this is a smart phone, they can require a data plan. You just receive a text or email saying that they have added the appropriate plan. I just call in and get them to remove it. Happens often.
  8. kylerthegreat

    kylerthegreat New Member

    Hello, My friend gave me this phone and I currently have a phone contract with Verizon and I was wondering If I bought a Go phone took the sim card out of that one and put it in this on would I be able to use it just for WIFI and not have to pay for data?
  9. Essinger

    Essinger Member

    I've got one and I'm not paying for data. I just use wifi and voice.

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