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am i the only person that has one? lolGeneral

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  1. bishop793

    bishop793 Member

    i got this last week from office depot after returning the lenovo a2109 (the viewing angle on the lenovo was h orrible). the fews i have read have been so/so. I for one think its a pretty good tablet....critics dimissed it because the screen resolution isnt as good as retina...but who cares? the human eye can only pick up so many colors, so i really cant jump on the retina bandwagon as beng the greatest thing since slice bread...

  2. Zingmaster

    Zingmaster Active Member

    I want one but cant find it anywhere. It is time to replace my 2 year old transformer T101. Just waiting for more stores to get one.
  3. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    Well I'm posting here because they haven't yet made a dedicated forum for this device at the other place. No, you aren't the only one.

    I went to the store to buy a Nexus 7 today (because its actually cheaper than buying from the PlayStore which has tax and shipping, also I had a horrible experience with ordering from Google with the waiting time and with returning item to them that took over one month and many phone calls to get my refund.)

    I also saw the Memo Pad 10 while at store, but thought it was just another Transformer and didn't look very careful at it. Brought home the Nexus 7, did "fastboot oem unlock". While at it, looking at the specs of this Memo pad and realized it has:
    -standard microUSB with OTG capability (not proprietary crap like the rest of the Asus Transformers)
    -dedicated microHDMI port, not MHL
    -microSD slot
    -MobileTechReview showing it work with the Xbox gamepad.

    Sold! Then I did "fastboot oem lock" on the Nexus 7, returned it and picked up the Memo Pad 10. I much prefer the 7" form factor, since I primarily plan on getting a pocketable 7" to bring around. But this is the first all around tablet at this price range I've seen, Asus just hit all the spots with this one except for not being 7", it has all the standard ports and good performance. I looked at the Memo Pad 7", but the cpu spec is very poor.

    Other choices I thought about, but they all lack something I wanted:
    -Nexus 7 - no TV-out what so ever, no microSD
    -Nexus 10 - $100 more than the Memo Pad, overkill for my needs, no microsd slot, don't want to order from Google again (seriously)
    -Asus Transformer tablets: proprietary charging port

    Naturally I prefer Nexus devices, but I'm willing to not get the latest updates for the ability of external storage and hdmi out at reasonable price. This basically will replace my laptop as HTPC.

    My only concern now is rooting and getting CyanogenMod support. I probably will only sell this device if there will be near zero development, but all the other Asus tablets seems to get lots of developers so I'm not too worried. There isn't even TPU cases for it on eBay yet as of now.
  4. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    I got mine from Office Depot.
  5. bishop793

    bishop793 Member

    Im glad a few others are chiming in on the post :) does the tablet have to be rooted to use the xbox gamepad? I am terrible with "tilting and sliding" the tablet to play games... im an old school controller gamer. I totallly suck at any game thats on a tablet (except angry birds!) I still have my samsung tab 7 2.0 I love the portabilty of it, but was looking for a larger screen and a faster processor without spending 500.00
  6. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    It should work with the XBox wired gamepad for PC just fine. USB OTG support is out of the box. There is no root for this device yet because the device is too new and developers haven't work on it yet.

    Base on my past experience not all gamepads will fully work.
  7. bishop793

    bishop793 Member

    Thanks. I was going to get the MOGA game controller, but cant find any proof that it will work for Need for Speed Most Wanted, but may work for Shadowgun or Dead Trigger...im afraid to root anything for fear of bricking my tablet. I have a samsung tab 2 7.0 which i may root now that i have another tablet!
  8. bishop793

    bishop793 Member

    just found out that my ps3 controller works on this tablet via bluetooth...It controls the tablet and so far i been able to play beach buggy blitz and shadowgun with it.
  9. Sgele

    Sgele New Member

    I have one for a week now and pretty happy with it.
    It does whatever I need it to do, aside from being rooted :)
  10. podagee

    podagee Well-Known Member

    im getting me one today.even without a root method it seems preety nice.will find out today at 930 what that tablet is all about.
  11. I got mine today :) Ordered from Rakuten.
  12. JerryFerreira

    JerryFerreira Member

    I just got mine on 8/16 at Best Buy. They had a sale, and since I broke my rooted Coby 9740, I ordered this one.

    I spoke to a sales rep on the floor at Best Buy---wanted HDMI, MicrsSD slot, and USB port. He said that the almost all no longer come with USB port. Much to my surprise, I browsed online and found the MeMo Pad Smart! Has everything plus Bluetooth! What an excellent tablet!! FAST too with it's quad core.

    Not going to root this one because I don't think I'll need or want too.
  13. tendoboy1984

    tendoboy1984 Well-Known Member

    For some reason this tablet is cheaper at the Walmart store than it is on Walmart.com. It's only $236 at the store, and $280 online.
  14. JnEricsonx

    JnEricsonx Well-Known Member

    So, this is a good tablet? I have a opportunity to get one near new from a reliable person for 100 bucks.
  15. HookEmHorns*UT*

    HookEmHorns*UT* Well-Known Member

    I just bought one of these. From my two days with it so far it seems to be a good buy. My only draw back is the 1 gig of ram but it seems to be handling the processes pretty well. I have had some lag but it is not that bad. The screen is no Nexus or Galaxy Tab screen but it is still nice and clear. I bought it brand new from Staples for 149.99. For this price this tablet can not be beat at this price with a quad core processor.
  16. Ryno79

    Ryno79 Active Member

    I've had mine for almost a couple weeks. Love it so far. Def need to get a controller for the snes emulator i have on it(and others i will be getting)
  17. Kairosgrammy

    Kairosgrammy Well-Known Member

    I just ordered it from Amazon for $239 and it came this past Friday. It is a 16 gig model. The 32gig was about $50 for. This is the one that came out in July, I think. I like mine. I did post a question on Android Central which I'm fixing to post here in hopes of getting response.

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