Amazing 2.1 Rom!

  1. MonmouthDroid

    MonmouthDroid Well-Known Member

    ChevyNo1 over at has an amazing 2.1 rom out. Its called simply stunning V1.0.1. He has all the live wallpapers working (including Nexus) and they are interactive. It also has the Launcher2 and a pinch to zoom browser. I have tried sholes 1.0.5, Greek35T 1.0 beta, UltimateDroid rom v2.0 (almost as good, it looks just as good (maybe better) but has no MT browser), and several otheres and ChevyNo1's is by far the best. I haven't tried BB but i wanted the 2.1 launcher so no BB and that is what got me away from Sholes after the 1.0.5 update. The 2.1 launcher is even stable in this rom. My phone forced rebooted a couple of times right after install but it has been smooth sailing since. This rom truly is Simply Stunning.
    Also supports OC up to 1.2Ghz.

  2. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Good to hear. Can you OC with this rom? If so, what are you running?
  3. MonmouthDroid

    MonmouthDroid Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, i am running 1.2Ghz using setcpu. thinking of turining it down to 1.0ghz due to heat though.

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