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Amazon Appstore Draining Battery?

  1. xraydr1

    xraydr1 Member

    I have noticed recently that the majority of my battery usage (sometimes over 50%) is by the Amazon Appstore app. Every time I check, it is running, and if I shut it down, it eventually begins running again. Does it open every time I use an app that I downloaded from the Appstore? Is this much battery usage normal? Any suggestions or info would be helpful. Thanks
    (Droid Bionic)

  2. droidsmurf

    droidsmurf Active Member

    Earlier today, I was researching a slowness issue with the Amazon Appstore (google "amazon appstore slow") and ran across some other posts saying that the Appstore was consuming too much CPU and battery life. No solutions other than removing the Appstore and losing all the programs. Also discovered that there is a cache on the SD card with all the apk files downloaded by the Appstore - got back 1.6GB of space deleting them. Thing is a PIG!

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