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Amazon's Superpad3/Flytouch X220 16GB - A new User's ReviewGeneral

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  1. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    Well, I did a ton of research here and in other forums (and saw a ton of YouTube Reviews) and I finally pulled the trigger today and made my purchase of a Superpad 3/ Flytouch 2 Android 2.2 Tablet PC with 16GB Storage and 512 RAM from Amazon.com. Here is the link to the item that I purchased:

    Amazon.com: New 10.2" Superpad3/Flytouch X220 16GB 1GHz Froyo Android 2.2 ePad Tablet PC with 512mb ram GPS + BONUS LEATHER CASE HDMI+RJ45 PRIORITY SHIPPING With Signature Confirmation From USA SELLER: Electronics

    My plan is to give anyone who is looking at buying one of these models from Amazon a step by step account of what my experience was like from purchase, to rooting, to updating the firmware, to the apps that install and their overall performance. My hope is that I can consolidate all of the good advice I have found here and elsewhere on this particular Android Tablet into one place to better assist the community.

    For starters I am going into this knowing that this particular model is flooded with dozens of knock off and clones, and the one that I purchased does not have the highest battery capacity of the iBex Version, which is said to be the authentic version. However, in my searching I was not able to find a single US-based seller of these iBex Models with the 8000 mah batteries. I found a couple of chinesse based wholesalers of this model with the large battery like **********.com and chinnagrabber.com, however I was really a little hesitant to send my money overseas without some sort of protection from fraud. If these guys decided to rip me off, send me a clone or worse, nothing at all, how would I get my money back? Chinnagrabber actually seemed like a good bet at first, what with PayPal's logo right on their website, however after I called PayPal to verify their claim to being a 2010 Preferred Seller, the people over at PayPal could not confirm that. This worried me.

    So in the ended as I could not find a US-Based wholesaler of these products, I decided to buy mine from Amazon.com. At least if I get ripped off somehow and they send me a bad product, I can fight these guys and get my money back. Anyone who had success buying from the Chinese wholesalers, please share your experiences with me! As if this one is a good tablet, I might buy another!

    So on Saturday morning June 25th, 2011 I made my purchase from Amazon.com. I also picked up an 8GB miniSD card, as I will need one for the firmware upgrade and any side loading of apps I may need to do. Less then one hour after my purchase I received a tracking number from the seller and a delivery estimated date of Tuesday, June 28th! That was lightning fast!

    So, as soon as I get it, I will snaps some pics and let you know what my first test drive of this unit is like! ​

  2. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update. I checked my Amazon account today to confirm shipment and my estimated arrival date has moved from the 28th to July 1st. I guess this is to be expected, after all shipping was only $9.00 and it is shipping from California to Pennsylvania. So I am a little bummed that I will not see it tomorrow but not overly upset either. I'll post pics when it arrives!
  3. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    So now it looks like the supplier on Amazon called Supersale.99 just now shipped my package. I was on my way to write a complaint that it took 4 days to process my order, however there is something on the site that says it can take from 6 - 10 days to process an order. I'm not so happy about that, but still have positive feelings on this purchase!

    Also, can one of the mods who reads this move this thread over to the Flytouch 3 section of the GOME Tablets? Thanks a bunch!

  4. brodie54

    brodie54 Member

    I'm guessing yours, like mine, is coming from China after all. Mine said it would be coming from California, but actually came from Hong Kong, via air mail. Still mine came in 7 days purchase on ebay to opening the package at my desk. Mine is some sort of clone...from what others have said it is the lowest of the clones, but I am so far happy with my purchase. It does exactly what it said and the screen is nearly as responsive as my ipod touch! Good luck. Keep us posted!
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  5. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that. My hope is that it will do what it says. I do not have unrealistic goals with this thing, but I do not want to spend $230 + (with the SD card upgrade) on a pile of crap I can not use. I will keep everyone posted. It should be here today or tomorrow. Hopefully!

  6. lost&found

    lost&found New Member

    I've ordered my Flytouch 3 Android 2.2 tablet about a month ago.Just after receiving it I wanted to make sure that the actual version of Android OS is 2.2,it had 16 GB or HDD and battery supplied is actually 8000mAh as advertised so therefore wanted to check how long it can last. So I've switched off the wifi and the automatic synchronization and killed all active apps from the task manager and left it while I was at work. To my surprise, the battery lasted almost 12h (yeah !!!):D After that recharged and used it for different purposes from web browsing, installing different applications from Android market (yes it shows only free apps but there are so many of them that you'll probably find all you need) and the battery made it around 5-7 hours of use.
    The tablet came with some already pre-installed apps and was working perfectly good (fast without any glitches).
    The screen even thought is resistive, is quite responsive without any noticeable lags (at least coming from someone who hasn't used iPad, so no comparison is made). I suppose that after time the OS will probably start timing out and having glitches, after being filled with app data and uninstalled application leftovers, but then even Win will, after some time and will need to be re-installed.
    Browsing the net works just fine with all content loading as needed (even you tube flash movies with skyfire browser). The WIFI connection is easily established , quicker than my lap top, connected to android market and downloaded tons of new apps and games.Browsing is a little bit slow and remind of browsing on the phones, but I suppose this is just about finding the right browser (I use skyfire and some Gbrowser). Wifi stability is not the greatest.
    I tried the supplied GSM antenna and used it with gogle maps to find my location and get driving direction to another location on the map.
    As said before the device had 16GB of HDD space and a micro SD card slot which I used wit another 16 GB card.
    I also tried the G-sensor with the desktop menu, ebook and kindle apps and some games (Labyrinth, Fantasy pinball etc) and it works pretty good . There's some lag but not to long and definitely not annoying.
    I tried playing MP3's on the tablet and it works perfectly , the speakers are not to loud but fine for a tablet and the headphones will have enough strength to have a decent sound.Tablet supports most of video and audio formats and has a mini HDMI exit to connect to a tv.
    The only minor objection refers to occasional freezes of the home screen near the end of battery power but for the money paid you could expect the system not to be as stable as windows.
    In the end again , very satisfied as the device fully met my expectations, again don't expect an iPad but then again for a device that is never going to be more than a toy (yes even an iPad will never be more than just a toy),for some web browsing, watching movies and listening to music and playing cute and funny games and apps, this is an extremely good buy.
    I recommend though buying this version as additional 16GB of space and 8000mAh batery with android 2.2 will come very useful.

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