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America - The Falling Empire

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  1. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    I hope you read every sentence. I did not mean to write so much but I do hope you get the larger intent of my observations.

    Whether you are an R or D you fail to remember that you are ALL Citizens first but you are no longer working to build and further the country. You are too busy trying to feel that you won a R or D for a limited time of maybe 2 to 4 years that you fail to realize that you are so far behind and still falling. STOP FIGHTING with each other. STOP falling for the bullshit from the CEO's.

    America was SOLD OUT, Pillaged and RAPED by it's own so called citizens that have a badge of CEO. It is WRONG to USE America to make your $$$ but then ship the jobs overseas and the technology. I guess it was okay for them to use America for the freedoms it provides, use it for schools, use it for the safety, but when it came time to payback for the luxuries that America provided due to the efforts put forth by it's Citizens it's all of a sudden too much to ask of those CEO's to payback the country that ALLOWED them in EVERY ASPECT to get rich and live in larger than life mansions without fear. In short they shitted on the people that gave them the opportunity but yet those people can't seem to smell or see the shit on their face.

    I am all for people getting rich. I believe that now, Government and Business need to work together for the BEST INTEREST of the COUNTRY. China and India along with the rest of the world is doing this.

    The complaint against job growth is "funny". The last 8 years was an economy built on sand or a big shell game therefore the "jobs" it created were not real but part of the game so why do you think that after 8 years and the brink of utter collapse do you think you would recover in 6 months. The jobs were never real therefore how can you just recreate them in 2 years. That is some crazy stuff someone is smoking if they think it will be done. It takes a factory with sophisticated equipment to build a car within a day and hundreds of people yet it takes 1 person 5 seconds to smash that car to pieces, how long do you think it will take you to fix that car back. That is the problem that everyone seems to think you can just hit a switch and fix it now.

    America should have OWNED the green revolution but you are too busy fighting each other and getting smoke and mirrors from the CEO's that just want their $$$ at yours and the countries expense.

    America should dominate in every kind of green energy equipment BUT NO China and Germany are at the front while America is still in the locker room trying to agree on wearing red shoes or blue shoes for the race...hello, the gun fired, the race started.

    It is sad that your own leaders get you to vote AGAINST your own financial interests. EVERY HOUSE in the SOUTH and WEST of the US should have a solar panel as part of the building code BUT NO, Big Oil controls your energy policy.

    Do you not see how these business or rather CEO's are not AMERICAN CITIZENS but instead are just greedy and "treasonous" people?

    A NEW STANDARD is NEEDED. Measure a CEO by how many people they hired (not fired). Measure by the quality of life they brought to the workers and the community/country. There is something wrong when someone get MILLION$ when they get fired but if you the worker gets fired maybe you get $5.

    It has amazed me how Americans overlook some basic and startling facts. Let's rewind for a moment and keep it simple.
    Clinton left and there was a surplus but after 8 years of Bush and Republican rules there is Trillion dollar deficits, you borrowed money from China to fight wars...btw, where are the WMD's in Iraq.
    The massive deregulation that occurred allowed the banks to control the country. It was a clever scam. The banks made their money on the way up, in the middle, and on the way down, oh and on the way up again. They made profits 3 times because they had George Bush and Hank Paulson along with Dick Cheney backing their shell game.

    GET the FACTS straight, it was Henry Paulson that setup that bailout of the banks. What did they care, the party was over as it was Bush's last term.

    Please do not get into the pissing match of it was the Democrats in 2006 etc...Just look at who deregulated, borrowed from China, and who backed the banks.

    If I gave or sold the Military information to another country even if it were something simple as a "paperclip"...I could be charged for treason yet if a US company takes knowledge and equipment to another country it's called capitalism. The country was sold out by the so called CEO's or "Capitalists".
    Where is the outrage over that?
    Remember those old sayings, don't forget where you came from, remember your family and friends, loyalty...I guess greed trumps all of that. America gave them the base and opportunity to make the money but they do not see that they owe the country from which they came.

    They outsourced your jobs and technology.
    Bare with me as I try to explain it as I see it.
    America was the leader in every aspect but pretty soon some people were driven by GREED and took or RAPED from the lands that provided them the wealth they found and took it to another country to get even richer.

    America had all of the technology and made almost all the good the world wanted/needed. Not anymore. Those so called "great" CEO's took your NATIONS INTELLECTUAL WEALTH and gave it to another country. Those countries now have the ability to MAKE EVERYTHING and do it cheaper (better is subjective).
    China now has the fastest computer.
    India has all of the steel mills.
    China and India are now in space and into making cars.
    NASA will be no longer.
    They now have the same or better technology.
    They do NOT need America. America is only 350 million people in total. China is about 1.4 Billion people and India is 1.1 Billion people.
    You see they pretty much have an endless market to supply within.
    China does not recognize copyright or any legal trademarks. So you build it and they will copy it and sell it back to you cheaper or sell it back to their own people. Yes, you may say they make junk, right now but remember the same was said about Japanese cars yet within 30 years Toyota and Honda are #1 and #2.

    What new technology do you have that ONLY America can provide to the world? I don't see it. The world does not "need" America. Try to answer that question and I think you will realize quite a few things.

    btw- Why in the hell would anyone vote for Carly Fiorina?
    She is one of the worst CEO's ever and she moved good paying jobs to India and other places just so she could get a fatter salary.
    That was amazing to see the lack of shame and the absolute slap in the face and insult especially to the people in California. I know she did not win but wow, it was close enough.

    I hope that my observations get you to stop fighting and realize that the R and D's NEED to work together to advance the nation.
    You got bigger problems besides Gays in the Military. That issue is a distraction from real issues. It is meant to appease you.

    You are a CITIZEN before ANYTHING else. Begin with that thought because that is how America was created and became #1.

    Thanks for reading.

    History has taught us 1 thing as well, EVERY EMPIRE has fallen it was just a matter of time. I will say China are some patients mofos :)

  2. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

  3. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

  4. alex51

    alex51 Well-Known Member

    Life as with politics is about balance,too far right or left gets you nowhere,gridlock.We've heard a lot about ultra conserve's,tea party etc.and those few that got elected on that idea, may very well sound good at the time but who will vote with them when they get to office.They are a very small % in the scheme of Washington.It's like a bald snow tire on an icy road,they make a lot of noise but accomplish nothing.
    The people who can actually accomplish the task at hand are those that are willing to work towards whats best for the masses and not just for a few.It always amazes me when people fall for people like Rand Paul who spew utter nonsense and people are naive enough to think he can convince the majority what is best for a few.
    Sorry if this prob.should have been in another topic area.
  5. wow, sounds like another poster that's been pretty controversial on here here lately. hmm?
  6. hakr100

    hakr100 Well-Known Member

    Well, maybe we can export the Tea Party movement and bring the rest of the world down to where we are now.

    What's wrong with a world run by Tea Party candidates like Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et cetera?

    You don't like the Dark Ages Redux?

  7. the more liberals hate the teapartiers, the more I think the teapartiers may be onto something.
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  8. Ninja Monkey

    Ninja Monkey Well-Known Member

    If you are a student of history you will find that the fall of any great civilization begins with the weakening of the family unit. It's the basic structure upon which a civilization is built.

    Yeah, America is screwed.
  9. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    If by Liberals you mean Educated people or people able to have rational thoughts vs. Tea Party which Education is not of importance but more of skin color.

    Think about this, America has NOT advanced in the last 8 years essentially. After the IT bubble what do you have to offer the world...oh right pillaging your home values to generate wealth.

    China and India have grown leaps and bounds.
    Here is some HARD PROOF for you.
    1. America owes China TRILLIONS of dollars (charged up by Bush and Cheney). Guess who is calling the behind the scene shots now.
    2. NASA is shutting down BUT CASA and IASA are on their way UP.
    3. China now has the worlds FASTEST computer.
    What do you have...Iphone4?:D
    4. China and Germany lead the world on Green energy manufacturing such as wind turbines and solar panels, uhm solar panels were invented in the US in late 1970's iirc.

    Tell me what America's next big thing is? What is the new job creator? What will you be dominant in?

    You have a President that is brilliant (he has a very high IQ int he genius range). He speaks of long term solutions for America's success but about 25% of you are stuck on the fact that he is HALF WHITE or is it HALF BLACK and got nothing better to do but try to say he is a Kenyan Muslim Terrorist Communist Socialist in disguise. Way to support your country and make yourselves looks like JACKASSESS to the rest of the world.

    Yes, there are a few HANDFUL of reasonable Tea Party people but non of them are in office. That movement is a GIANT BOAT ANCHOR on the Nation and other countries love it...like China.
  10. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    LOL too true

    BTW your obsession with India is kinda silly
    I am on a forum with thats like 30% Indian and I can tell you its one fcked up country
    The difference between rich, middle class and poor is massive there
    It has a massive obesity problem while 40% of its population are malnourished.
    It has loads of billionaires yet it has 30% of the worlds poorest people iirc
    China was way poorer than it in the 40's/50's yet now will soon have triple the GDP per capita
    About the onlu Indian succes story I can think of is Kerela
  11. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    Pardon. I have no obsession with India.
    So greed is in full swing in India. This sounds like a rocky ride on the way considering the Mumbai tragedy already.
  12. so, to be clear, if you aren't liberal, you're dumb....

    great argument, you changed my vote :rolleyes:
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  13. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you should reread everything I posted and try to keep thing in CONTEXT.

    I don't need to change a damn thing but I think you need to.
    I live in a country with free Healthcare and the BEST BANKING SYSTEM in the WORLD.

    Instead of trivializing and trying to marginalize anyone offering suggestions perhaps you can provide some by answering the questions below.

    Take our country back= NO JOBS
    Cut Spending= NO JOBS
    Ban Gays in the Military= NO JOBS

    The BIGGEST spending is on DEFENSE budget but nobody talks about cutting that welfare program? How come?

    What is America's next "thing"? What do you have to offer that will create jobs for the future IN AMERICA? What do you have to offer that the world can only buy from you?
  14. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

  15. Strings

    Strings Well-Known Member

    Interesting little tidbit: most of our defense spending in the past few decades has been used to keep aggressor nations in check.

    The Cold War? The Soviets would have taken a HUGE chunk of (if not all of) Western Europe if it wasn't for a massive US presence.

    Korea? If we didn't keep soldiers there "on welfare", do you honestly think the North wouldn't have overrun the South already? You think Kim Jong would let them peacefully exist?

    Kuwait: think Saddam would've pulled back and behaved himself if we hadn't forced him to?

    The current Iraqi Conflict: think Saddam would have stopped killing his own citizens, and abided by UN sanctions eventually?

    I wonder what the world would be like today if, at the end of WWII, the US had simply told the rest of the world "There: the rest is up to y'all. We're going home"...
  16. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Civil, keep things civil. If you can't be respectful to your fellow members then simple do not post.

    Any more disrespectful posts or personal attacks and this thread will be closed with a generous helping of infractions.
  17. more people in other countries worrying about the US's problems rather then their own. Your "ours is the best xxxxx" is highly subjective. Free healthcare is only free to the poor and hardly should be considered your stellar achievement.

    The only thing I can say to end this silly debate (well, my participation in it) is.....

    I promise not to vote in any of your elections, and you stay out of mine....
  18. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    WRONG! Everyone Rich and Poor walks into the same hospital.
    We don't have the "county hospital" here where you dump the poor off. The person making $20k a year has access to the same quality care and hospital as the person making $1 million. Yes, if you have the extra benefits from your job you can get a private room if not you share a room with 1 other person...no big deal.

    The rest of the world is PISSED because of the BANKING FRAUD PERPETRATED ON US by the US. Your lack of regulation and deregulation caused this cluster F#ck. If you are paying attention just as the world moved away from the British Pound as the monetary standard towards the US $ they are now shifting to the EURO as the standard and away from the US$. Part of invading Iraq was to keep OPEC from dropping the US$ as the pricing for oil and move to the EURO $. When that currency switch occurs that there will be the final nail in the coffin as it was for England. You will no longer be viewed as the Super Nation so I suggest that you put your pride aside to avoid the fall.

    Does it not surprise you that more people OUTSIDE the US seem to have a better understanding of your history and your Political system than the majority of your own Citizens?

    This small nation and young nation has MANY STELLAR achievements NASA is one of them that benefited.
    Google the Avril Aero.
    btw---that thing you call a telephone...Canadian:D
    The Global TIME ZONES System- Canadian invention too.
    UN Charter of Rights and Freedoms - written by a Canadian
    Insulin - Canadian
    Basketball - Canadian
    Canada was established- July 1st, 1867

    This is not a pissing contest. Put your pride aside and stop the infighting and most of ALL STOP being sheeps and falling for stupid leaders like Sarah Palin and John Boehner.

    I actually like some of the things Mike Huckaby says but I guess he would now be considered a Liberal. You are destroying yourself and being divided by your own so called leaders.

    Obama wants Education to be a priority for but Rand Paul and his types want to abolish the Department of Education. Ya got a major problem there with those extremes. How the hell can someone take issue for wanting to provide a better level of education to the CITIZENS?

    You went from 1st to 23rd in Math and Science.
    Less than 30 years America went from producing the most amount of College Educated people to #10 and slipping. THAT IS A PROBLEM that is not RED or BLUE. That is a NATIONAL PROBLEM that effects the CITIZENS whether you are a Capitalist or a Pinko Commie Socialist:D
  19. Strings

    Strings Well-Known Member

    Ummm... minor point? That whole thing of "the most college educated people" really did nothing but devalue a college degree.

    Used to be, a bachelors degree meant something. Now, it's nothing more than a merit badge.

    Seriously man: give up attacking our country, and worry about some of the abuses and fraud in your own.
  20. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Well say what you want but IMO Canada is a good type of conservatively economic economy.
    No sudden hikes/cuts in spending, mantain a slight but sustainable surplus, keep all your population healthy and educated.

    "Consrvervative" means to preserve for the future.

    In the US many "conservatives" probably just like the "bad" parts of conservatism, its backwardness strand, "keeping things the way they were" (Gays in the military, gun laws, etc) and perhaps they then just decide to agree with what so-called conservatives say as its easier than thinking things through.
    America's two-party system probably worsens this phenomena.
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  21. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

  22. Ididn't say they weren't recieving care... I said it wasn't free for the rich, only the poor.

    your lack of understanding of how economics works is amusing. please continue
  23. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    Very well said and a good understanding of Canada. I will give this political system credit for basically cherry picking the best things from other nations and doing it. We do not have that type of infighting within. Canadians tend to vote for the person and not the party. It is interesting to see a Conservative vote for a Liberal and a Liberal vote for a Conservative. This occurs because the voters will elect the person that has a SOLID plan and the ability to lead.

    We have essentially 4 parties. If the party in power is doing soemthing the rest of the country does not agree with then when that bill comes up the other parties can ban together can call for a NON CONFIDENCE vote, this basically triggers and election and it's back over to the people to elect the same or a new party. You would think the other side pulls the trigger every second BUT they do NOT. It is to be used wisely and ONLY when you KNOW the Citizens will vote them out or do not support their policies anymore.

    Conservatives and Liberals amazingly share the same values.
    See, they operate with how do we advance the country globally.
    Their mindset is not about pillaging the country but instead evolving it. We are a smaller version of you. This country has fought in all the wars and did some big things along the way in those wars therefore as a Nation no matter the party they promote and remember the SACRIFICES made by previous generations and as such they act in the present day manner NOT to tarnish that pride.

    It's normal to see a Conservative (cowboy hat wearing (from the west) Alberta) having a beer with a Liberal as they watch hockey.
    They listen to each other and respect each other because they both want the best for the country and as such try to take the better part from the other side. Try telling that conservative cowboy that you are taking away his "free healthcare"...he and the Liberal will "punch you out"...lol.
  24. canada is not the picture of democratic excellence that you guys think. Their borderline socialism system works only because they have a population less than California. They rely on the US on most things (military protection, etc) since obviously if someone invades Canada, the US will be right there protecting them.
  25. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    AND right there is some rhetoric straight out of the 1950's.
    WOW, you sir are full of crap.

    What Canadian cities have you lived in?

    Stop watching Fox "news" and travel outside of your zip code to start. Who would invade Canada? This is a WELL RESPECTED COUNTRY around the planet. Even American kids put a Canadian flag on their backpacks when traveling abroad..why is that?

    If Sarah Palin could see Russia from her back window, do you realize that we can too, yet Russia never tried to move against Canada. What is Alaska connected to?

    Man you really are full of crap. Keep spewing that bs and you soon realize why your Government is won and lost with bumper sticker slogans.

    btw- The US tried to invade Canada, but that did not work out. The rest of the world would say we need protection against YOU...lol

    War of 1812 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The U.S. Army had done poorly, on the whole, in several attempts to invade Canada, and the Canadians had shown that they would fight bravely to defend their country.

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