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Amlogic-8726M3 Cortex A9 Android 4.0 Google TV, One Week feedback

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  1. durak001

    durak001 Member

    I had M3 Android 4.0 TV Box more than on week , In this store: Here
    The performance is great.
    1. CPU Speed is Ok .
    2. Online TV is Ok , full screen browse and fluently
    3. Android APK for game very great for entertainment.

    Still in study , Any one have more great idea for this product?
    Kindly tell me.

  2. crisidoani

    crisidoani New Member

    and XBMC??
  3. ajeevlal

    ajeevlal Member

    what online TV you tested?
  4. nammen

    nammen Member

  5. durak001

    durak001 Member

    XBMC?? I don't know how to use.
    Please advise
  6. durak001

    durak001 Member

    Most Online is Ok ,Like CNN
  7. mfaay

    mfaay Member

    Does anybody have a link to the firmware for this box?
    I messed up my Refee box and want to reflash the firmware.
    The Refee website only supplies a firmware for an older version (c03ref) of the box.
    Mine is a f16ref type.

    Many thanks in advance.
  8. prekopix

    prekopix New Member

    Xbox Media Center

    You can prove XBMC For Android Nightlies on XDA forums.
  9. nammen

    nammen Member

  10. drsayed

    drsayed New Member

    Dear Freinds
    i have the same box with ics 4.0
    i wanted to reset it with reset button and plug power , i did it twice , and now it is not working at all
    if i turn on both blue and red light is on and nothing comes on TV
    i do not what to do , is it damaged , i can not use it or not
    i read the way to make boot mount , i could not understand and it need linux which i do not have ,
    can any one help me with it ,
  11. Bojan Kuselj

    Bojan Kuselj New Member

    I think the model you get is older one, I suggest you could upgrade .
  12. krankdroid

    krankdroid Member

  13. mrpotato

    mrpotato Member

    Not familiar with XBMC?
  14. prekopix

    prekopix New Member

  15. superyago

    superyago Member

    Hi! I have to solve my own problem related to ethernet connection (here http://androidforums.com/google-tv/...gle-tv-box-cortex-a9-smart-android-4-0-a.html). Since firmware arch contains file named 'refee120710bgzp-120827noapk-4ethernet.zip' I think it solves some ethernet problems. Please can you remeber and give me reference where it was taken from? May be there is some discussion about this fix?
  16. prekopix

    prekopix New Member

  17. x_justin

    x_justin Member

  18. superyago

    superyago Member

    Regarding to MBX / MBX reference board (f16ref) / null / Unknown - Android Fragmentation
    There is newest f16ref firmware builded "Wed Sep 12 18:09:48 CST 2012". It is for

    Instruction Set
    ARM Limited
    ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
    Operational Frequency
    1000.0 MHz
    CPU revision
    CPU variant
    swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3
    Media type
    [​IMG] API returned illegal or no value
    872300 K

    Who have download link?
  19. ftf12

    ftf12 New Member

    I have updated firmware for this,dated 25092012.
  20. ftf12

    ftf12 New Member

  21. mfaay

    mfaay Member

    I hit upon people reporting the firmware of the G-Box Midnight working like a charm on the Refee M6 device (f16ref).
    Updates of the firmware/ROM can be found at:
    G-Box | Software and ROMS

    I installed the firmware dated 2012-10-03, it runs smoothly and it is rooted.
    However you need to install Superuser from the Play store and update the su binary since the su included is a legacy one not asking for su permissions when running apps that need root access.
  22. superyago

    superyago Member

    What about ethernet? There is warning about 2012-10-03 rom. It is good for midnight v2.1 in other cases ethernet connection will not work. Do you tested ethernet?
  23. mfaay

    mfaay Member

    No I use wifi connection. But It should not be too hard to download both the 3-10 and the 25-9 firmware. If the 3-10 doesn't work on your device, you can flash 25-9 afterwards.
  24. gdachs

    gdachs New Member

    I don't know why all think that the G-Box Midnight ROMs are better than the stock ROMs. The bug with an actual Youtube-App is still there. They have bundled the ROM with an older Version of the app, okay, but with any updated app that uses features from Andoid 4.1 you will have the same problem. The MediaLauncher is not so important for me as I use XBMC instead. Annoying is that the bar at the bottom doesn't hide because of netflix compatibility. Does anybody know how to change that? Don't know how to search, because I have no idea how this bar at the bottom is named.

  25. superyago

    superyago Member

    No use. Ethernet adapter was not found by 3-10 at all. My device PCB is marked as "a11 v1.0" (at the end of all i have opened my box to look inside to be shure).

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