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Amlogic-8726M3 stuck at boot logo

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  1. Kantoku

    Kantoku Member

  2. Kantoku

    Kantoku Member

    It won't go into recovery mode no matter how long I press the reset button at the back. However, if I plug in a recovery sdcard, and start up the machine, it will go into installing the rom from the sdcard WITHOUT me holding the reset button. All on its own.
    After the rom from the sdcard is flashed, it reboots and if I keep the sdcard in, it will do the whole process again over and over. If I plug the sdcard out after the installation, and reboot, I get stuck at the boot logo.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before?
    I don't want to return the device, since I paid 85$ for it and returning it is expensive in my country. Please help!
  3. contemptx

    contemptx New Member

    hi, just wondering if you managed to get anywhere with your unit as I have the same issue.

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