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  1. webheadx1

    webheadx1 Member

    hi i brought a cheap box xbmc is onit runs well , but the android part is crap and fedup with some chinese writing.

    its a amlogic m3 1ghz 4gb ram has 3 usb,s hdmi ,ethernet sdcard,wifi built in, looks like same as g-box type. says mbx f16ref on board

    but i have looked inside and havent found a reset button so how do i go about playing with firmware on this and putting a better android on.

    because ive read everywhere and they keep mentioning a rest button but on back of mine there is a rest hole but on the board that hole aligns with a capacitor so poking sumit in here would be not a good idea lol.

    pics stretched to fit.

    can anyone please help me.

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  2. Crans

    Crans Member

    hard to tell with that photo but i would sell that thing prior to its death. no heat sink on cpu = death . only buttion i can see is on the large flat side top left.
  3. webheadx1

    webheadx1 Member

    theres no reset buttons onit to get it to flash must be done by remote or something maybe holding keys on remote dont know or usb maybe.
    how do you flash these is the a jtag?
  4. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    Amlogic usually provides 3.3V TTL interface, GND, RX, TX, 3.3V. Look for these 4 pins (or placeholders, they're not soldered :))
  5. webheadx1

    webheadx1 Member

    hi i can get into the box with android commander through the wifi but its not rooted can i use a shell command to make it rooted or use android commander to flash it when its rooted and connected with usb.

    anyone got a shell commands to make it rooted please worth a go.
  6. webheadx1

    webheadx1 Member

    nobody wants to help me im stuck with a box thats not rooted my poor little m3 a9 1ghz is not going to be able to be upgraded the poor little thing is sitting there all scared it need a clever person to stick sumit in it to make her great would you like to help me please its driving me mad lmfao.

    its m3 a9 1ghz plays xbmc perfectly but trying to work these things out so i can update it later if it need it ,brilliant box but no reset button and no support shame as its cool

    so dont buy a skyvictor a100 tv box or your be like me crying.

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