Amon Ra vs CWM

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  1. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    For the Rezound, does it matter which recovery we choose? I used ROM Manager for a long time with my moto phones.... I'm kinda used to it now. Is there anything wrong with flashing over Amon Ra with CWM, or is the recovery phone specific? Also, is there an app that flashes ROM's like ROM Manager using Amon Ra? I'd be willing to consider that option, too.

    Thanks in advance from a super-happy superuser! (I rooted last night, and i was grinning ear to ear for my little eye patch, hah)

  2. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    I've read several posts that advise against using ROM Manager on the Rezound because it requires CWM and, at least in the past, CWM didn't work well on the Rezound.

    However, I did see that CWM was updated supposedly to work on the Rezound. Let's see if someone else will chime in with their CWM/ROM Manager experience.
  3. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    When I open ROM Manager and select Flash CWM, it DOES recognize that it is a Rezound, and I have the option to select it. I'll wait for some others to weigh in, but it seems legit. The Dr1ver root package had CWM on it for a while apparently, based on comments on his page. Thanks for a quick reply.
  4. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    I've used CWM for a long time myself and was suprised to find that, when I first got my Rezound, it wasn't even supported. When it officially was supported, I installed and tried it, but found it to be so glitchy that I couldn't make it work at all. It installed from the Android market, but it's in need of some serious work as far as the being useful on this phone.
  5. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    hm.. never heard of installing from market. I was going to use it from ROM Manager. I'm half tempted just to do it to see what happens, since no one is using it.

    OK, decision is made. I'm doing it. I'll report back with results. Again, I am installing it from ROM Manager, so I don't know if theres a version or compatibility difference from the market version.
  6. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    CWM Version I downloaded CWM Touch, but haven't tested it yet. CWM works well, I didn't find any glitches. I downloaded both of these from ROM Manager, and rebooted to recovery via ROM Manager. Fix permissions doesn't work from ROM Manager, but I assume it's because I am not running a custom ROM yet. I kinda like having the stocker so far.

    Anywho, Can I run a custom kernel on the stock ROM? Battery life blows, we've all heard it, but underclocking undervolting would undoubtedly help. Any ideas?
  7. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    UPDATE: I LOVE CWM touch! Friggin sweet. It runs the same version of CWM ( but has touch capabilities instead of scrolling through the list with volume keys.
  8. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    AmonRa has had that capability for a while - using the red soft keys for navigation.

    Yes, you can install a custom ROM *OVER* the stock ROM, not in addition to. You can only have 1 installed ROM at a time.

    On another note, I've been advised that if you permanently flash a custom recovery, you will have to relock, and reinstall the stock recovery, if you want VZW OTA updates in the future, say to get Android ICS. So make your choices carefully.
  9. poppajules

    poppajules Member

    Amon Ra is a permanent custom recovery, right? So it's too late either way, whether I use CWM or Amon Ra....

    What I meant about the touch capability is actually touching options on the screen, not the soft buttons on the bottom of the phone. Either way, it makes navigation much quicker.

    I don't feel like running custom ROM's. I might take the OTA, but before I do, I would of course re-lock, update, and re-root. I'm just tired of glitches in every aftermarket ROM I've ever run. Custom doesn't mean better. Frozen bloat is good enough for me these days.

    edit: droid x can actually run slot ROMs, so more than one ROM technically IS possible, just not on the Rezound, yet.
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    nope.not too late... you can flash the stock recovery back,just like you flashed clockwork or amon. i personally prefer Amon,always have. i havent been paying attention to wether the initial issues of clockwork have been worked out,but ive used Amon on along time on alot of devices,drellisdee,whom brought it to us,is a heck of a developer,and i have 100% confidence recomending folks use Amon. not bashing clockwork,but i do not have the same faith of it.

    amon can be flashed permanently,or booted from fastboot when needed,as can clockwork(or any other recoveries that pop up for that matter :))

    the best thing for you then,would be to put the stock recovery back. if you keep the stock recovery you can just accept OTAs the wy they were meant to and not have to relock,run an RUU,and wipe out all your personal data.

    sure,the OTA wipes out root. no biggie,just re-launch your recovery again after,and flash superuser again. bam! rooted OTA. one good thing about htcdev,is that you are unlocked,you can always reroot. gone are the days that you need to protect your root access cause an OTA may wipe out your exploit.

    you can find the stock recovery here:

    i would fastboot flash recovery <recoveryname>.img it in place,and then if you need to go to recovery(amon or clockwork) simply boot it from fastboot with fastboot boot <recoveryname>.img
  11. AndyBones

    AndyBones Well-Known Member

    I was a CWM fan (and still am!) because it's all we had at the time for the inc2.
    amon-ra though I've used since having rezound and it's been rock solid.
    I know that CWM was causing serious issues, like when your battery would die, it wouldn't re-charge..

    but I think that koush got himself a Rezound, and I do know that CWM was upgraded and has a touch recovery(very cool), so I hope those issues were taken care of.
    If you want touch recovery go for CWM.
    if not, use Amon-Ra..
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