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An app for couples.

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  1. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

    Ok i have used 'Pair' and like the premise but think an app could be created that is MUCH better. I do not have the skills, just the ideas..

    The app, which i have tenatively named "Just Us" would be designed for couples to keep in touch, share informationo and manage their time. It would include the following.

    Built in private messaging
    • Basic text funtions
    • emoji
    • sharing pictures (from gallery or capture)
    • voice notes
    • Calendar (posibly tied into the system calendar)
    • alarms/reminders
    • ToDo list(s)
    • check-ins ('Made it home', 'Goint to lunch', 'working late', gps map location, etc...)
    • Tic-tac-toe
    • revirsi
    • cards
    • other simple fun stuff (checkers etc) could be add in that connect to other apps (downloadable/partners/etc)
    • Pin/pattern to open app
    • maybe encryption for downloads folder
    • posibly propriatary image format even if just ziped with alternate extention (you know why)
    Now the Pair app has a Thunbkiss feature so that if both users are in the app at the same time they can "touch" thumbs through the scree and the phone vibrates. This is very cute but there is no alert to let the other user know their mate is waiting for a kiss.

    I believe that the app has a market if done right and i would love to be involved with the development and testing. I want to learn but i need someone who knows what they are doing.


  2. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

    No interest at all?
  3. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    It's huge for a one/two man app. I use pair, and it suits me fine, I wouldn't need any of the rest of that stuff, its just my input though.
  4. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

    I understand that, i was thinking of maybe a modular app. where the pieces could be added in as needed. Start with messaging and productivity tho, thats the important stuff.

    todo lists

    that makes it much more simple and a better place to start

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