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  1. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    I found an iPhone app that I'd love to see for Android. I'm a knitter, and I mostly knit charted lace. I use my tablet (Asus Transformer Prime) for my patterns, but it is hard to keep my place in complex charts.

    Here's the iPhone app...
    knitCompanion - Join the Knitting Revolution!
    I contacted the developer, and they say they're not able to create an Android version of the app. I do know lots of other knitters using Android devices that are interested in an app like this. I'd be willing to pay, too.

    Specifically, I am looking for an app that you can mark what row you're on in a charted knitting pattern. It doesn't have to be as complex as Knit Companion.

    Here's an overview of charted lace knitting.

    All I need the app to do is to mark what row I'm on. That's it.
    Like this...

  2. DevStefan

    DevStefan New Member

    Mail send
  3. jooan

    jooan New Member

    I'm also looking for something like KnitCompanion for my android.
    Or something simple that will mark my charts on the go and that will keep track.

    Be very happy to have something that will work.
  4. giantpune

    giantpune Well-Known Member

    You might want to provide a sample pattern(s) for potential developers to see what they'll have to parse. As I gather, your patterns are coming in some sort of pdf format and the program will have to parse that pdf and get the necessary data from it. Are there industry standards about the pdf format? Or does every publisher just use whatever format they feel like using?
  5. BearinMO

    BearinMO New Member

    I, too, would like to see an app similar to the iPod's KnitCompanion but for the android market. Essentially, it reads a .pdf - any .pdf with instructions for knitting in an endless variety of layouts. I explored KnitCompanion today and the things that impressed me the most include:

    Being able to place an horizontal line where I am in the pattern or chart and it stays in place even if I close the file.

    Being able to zoom the .pdf in and out so the text was very clear.

    Being able to move a vertical line to mark where I am currently knitting on any given line and then be able to return to the beginning of the next line of a chart.

    Being able to highlight a particular size throughout the entire pattern / .pdf.

    Props to any developer out there who can bring this to the Android market!
  6. androidgenie

    androidgenie Member

    Please provide a sample .pdf of a knitting pattern and I will investigate further. How much would be a reasonable selling price for such an app?
  7. lizziemeg

    lizziemeg New Member

    The price for the knitCompanion app is about 15, but I'd probably pay no more than 10.
    I'd like to see something that lets you fill in blank charts for different projects.
    However depending on if you just did a chart marker, or had additional features probably just the chart marker would be closer to 1-3 dollars.
  8. androidgenie

    androidgenie Member

  9. msuper16

    msuper16 New Member

    Neither of those apps linked has the ability to import a .pdf or chart. That's what's special about knitcompanion.

    Keeping track of yarn stash and projects is ok, but Ravelry already fulfills that need and has a mobile presence. I need something that is specific to patterns.

    ETA: If you look at the screenshot in the first post you can see how the .pdf has been imported and the chart can be highlighted to show what row you are on. It's really the visual part that's the most important.
  10. mayurathanb

    mayurathanb New Member

    If this has not been taken i would be happy to undertake this for free.
  11. slavy

    slavy New Member

    Those interested in knitCompanion: see Kickstarter for the project "knitCompanion comes to Android!"

    There may be hope yet! Ends 17 Feb 2014

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