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  1. nursefriendly

    nursefriendly New Member

    I would like an medical app developed for SOAP notes. It would be a template with area for the patient's demographic information, chief complaint, history of present illness and extensive review of systems. Is this possible?

  2. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    Most Definately. What exactly are SOAP notes, what would you like the app to be capable of, and would you be willing to see development through to testing and putting on the store?
  3. nursefriendly

    nursefriendly New Member

    Yes, I would.
  4. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    Is this more of a tablet app you want? or a Phone app or both?
    You can email me at

    But for now can you give me some detailed description of what you want out of the app? As detailed as you can would help a lot for me to be able to help you, I'm always interested in medical apps.
  5. nursefriendly

    nursefriendly New Member

    How much does it cost to get an app developed? I wouldn't want to waste your time if it was something that I couldn't afford.
  6. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    I'd be doing it for free. So thats why I would want your commitment, cause I'm a developer, looking to expand my profile with apps, and you want an app, but you need to be willing to work with me.

    Its not heavy work, just reply to emails and questions as best you can and test the app in your free time, which would be like once or twice a month once we get to a decent level.

    Depending on the app I might charge for it if it ends up being big but I very much doubt it. And it would only be like .99c or something. Sound fair?
  7. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Do i get paid to test or do u provide the tools for testing such as pad or pda device or software
  8. Appestry

    Appestry Member

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