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An app that will reply automatically to anything

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  1. shan_db9

    shan_db9 New Member

    i wish there was an app that can reply to texts by itself as in like you dont have to add a costom reply like: im busy call me back... naa im talking about the phone does it for you, like it will talk for you.. just for the hell of it ya kno.. it would be pretty cool...

    this is similar to the app: back talk (the blue alien guy)
    where you can text yourself and it replies.. in a humaine like way

    it wud b pretty coolifd someone can make this :)) thanks :p

    like this, but wud b cool if you can send ppl texts when ur bored:
    Review of Back Talk Android App (Free Version) - YouTube

  2. fshah

    fshah New Member

    Good idea as i am already on it and the application will hopefully be in the market after in 10-15 days. it will have lot of functionality including the one mentioned by you.

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