An Open Letter to Samsung and VerizonSupport

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  1. Weudel

    Weudel Well-Known Member

    If your minions haven

  2. jeffwalker3959

    jeffwalker3959 Well-Known Member

    Agreed 100%
    This whole ordeal makes not only me, but all the Continuum users extremely angry. I was told the update would be pushed out around March 18. I'm starting to get sick of all of these lies.
  3. lengzhai

    lengzhai Member

    What's so critical about this update?
  4. wselph

    wselph New Member

    Maybe we should take a poll.
    I have to pull my battery every two days to gain control - it freezes; anyone else?
    I have done several hard resets and have only installed a few APPS like google's and facebook; and still it does this.
    I assume that this phone has beta or old software with many bugs and a new release would at least make it more stable or gives us new issues of a smaller nature.
  5. Weudel

    Weudel Well-Known Member

    Among other things the update is supposed to get the Ticker working properly again (Facebook, Twitter, and Custom RSS Feeds have been broken since the DL17 update.) Hopefully, some fix for the lag and freezing up mentioned above. Added functionality with the desktop dock.

    Froyo in general gives you access to newer apps, such as Chrome2Phone, Google Music, Adobe Flash, etc. Also, provides improved battery life and faster processing speeds.

    And other things that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head.
  6. lengzhai

    lengzhai Member

    Odd, my ticker works great. sorry
  7. mayen

    mayen New Member

    This is seriously ridiculous.

    I got this phone because the ticker seemed like a really nice feature. But, for the most part, the ticker is useless. I frequently IM from my phone, but because the default, pre-loaded IM client was so terrible (had to tell it to sign in over 10 times just to get it to sign in), I downloaded an alternative IM app. However, because it's not the default IM app, I cannot receive notifications through the ticker for it. The things I use my phone the most for are IM, texting, and Facebook. I cannot properly receive notifications on the ticker for 2/3 of these things.

    I regret buying this phone which was marketed to me by multiple Verizon employees as an "upgraded version of the Fascinate." Its key feature that sets it apart from the Fascinate has extremely limited functionality. Oh, and the Fascinate at least has 2.2 while our "upgraded versions" (the Continuum) are still running 2.1.
  8. WraithTDK

    WraithTDK Member

    I came across this thread while Googling "froyo continuum" (no quotes, obviously). I have no great love for Samsung. It's been my experience that any sort of electronic memory that they make; whether it be RAM or ROM, flash or old-school hard drives; fail quickly and permanently. That being said, from what I've read elsewhere, Samsung actually DID create a Froyo upgrade, but for some reason they refuse to comment on, Verizon has been holding it back. If this is the case, shouldn't this letter be mainly aimed at Verizon?

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